GIANTS Software Confirms: Only One John Deere Combine Coming to Farming Simulator 19

GIANTS Software's Community Manager Lars "Lisertan" Malcharek has confirmed only one John Deere combine harvester will be featured in Farming Simulator 19. Following the release of a new gameplay trailer and series of fact sheets, fans in the developer’s Discord server began to question whether any additional John Deere combines would be announced. Malcharek indicated that when it comes to John Deere combines in Farming Simulator 19, “there will be only one.”

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Nitrowolf226d ago

That’s disappointing, what could have potentially been Game of The Year for the 8th year in a row may have just blew their chances

ReubyJuice25d ago

It's at least comforting to know that we haven't seen all the JD equipment announced yet, and mods will fill the gaps. There's also always the potential for a JD DLC featuring some of the stuff that didn't make it into the base game.

Magnus25d ago

Meh there is always mods and if console does mod hub like they did with FS17 someone could add another JD combine to the game

ReubyJuice25d ago

Very true - I think once the initial "shock" of this wears off people will realize that it will come in other forms, but there were a lot of people (myself included, to some degree) that thought we'd be getting a wide variety of JD equipment now that they're in. Looks like it will be a bit of a slower introduction (when it comes to "official" equipment) than many expected.

lptmg25d ago

well, there goes my preorder...