Xbox One X is Capable of “Some Truly Outstanding Things” – Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics Producer

Graphical improvements for turn-based strategy title on Xbox One X confirmed; more info coming later.

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ChrisW27d ago

Achtung! Clickbait title!!!

Team_Litt27d ago

Haven't played Horizon 4 yet I see

RizBiz27d ago

Available on PC = Not exclusive.

CarlDechance27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

lol....Horizon 4 isn't out yet so no, he probably has not.

Kornholic27d ago

Horizon 4 is a multiplatform game.

ziratul27d ago

@RizBiz Vast Majority of Console gamers don't own a PC nor consider to have one. Your claim "Available on PC" doesn't make any sense. In fact it's cheaper to buy XBOX and PS4 together than a single descent gaming PC.

TheCommentator27d ago


Forza Horizon's demo has been out for a while... Which means anyone could have played it by now.

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Realms27d ago


I guess some people can't understand the concept or definition of exclusive if it's available on various platforms it is not exclusive no matter what logic you use it's not exclusive.

TheCommentator27d ago

It's exclusive to the Windows platform and Xbox Live.

Kornholic27d ago

@TheCommentator, so it's a multiplatform game then. It's on Xbox One and PC. No need to use the word exclusive. Xbox One has no exclusives.

TheCommentator26d ago

@ Kornholic

Windows is the platform, not Xbox and PC, that's why you can buy one copy of the game and it will Play Anywhere. That's also why it's not available on Steam even though steam distributes PC games, and why you don't get the PC version of Battlefield when you buy the Xbox version. I didn't expect people like you would understand logic though...

BrettAwesome27d ago

Why is this filed under "ps4 news"?

Hardiman27d ago

This happens quite a bit and really doesn't make sense! I know how powerful the X is and still my wallet hasn't opened up!

BrettAwesome26d ago

Nope! If I wanted news about Xbox, I'd have searched for that...
Neither did I. Ps first, Nintendo second. That's where all the games are

BazzAckwards27d ago

Uh oh, Sony defense force incoming

TheEnigma31327d ago

Why? PS4 fans actually have games to play.

Imortus_san27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

That's a bit misleading, how many games did Sony published for PS4 (not VR) this year?

CarlDechance27d ago

PS4 having games to play is misleading? LOL

"how many games did Sony published for PS4"

Top of my head.

God of War
Shadow of the Colossus
Detroit: Become Human
MLB The Show 18

letsa_go27d ago

::rolls eyes:: Yes yes, gamingbolt, we know. I bet they are going to be talking about the power of xbox one x into the next generation of consoles.

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