Gaming Nexus: SmackDown vs Raw '09 preview build impressions

Gaming Nexus writes: "Neither do wrestling videogames for that matter. Not since the 3D game explosion that was the days of the PSX (original PlayStation, look it up) and the Nintendo 64 has there been a real drastic change in the way console gamers have slammed muscular man meat into each other (gratuitous homo-erotic joke...check). Do not speak to me of character creators or different match types, don't not accuse me of ignoring online gameplay or downloadable content, and don't bother mentioning fire-pro wrestling. Fundamentally the game play hasn't changed much from the basic punch, kick, grapple, pin, run, whip, block, target, interact mechanics that made them fun to play back in the day. Except of button smashing to escape a hold or recover from a blow, that was never fun. Some of these mechanics have been tweaked and there have been variations of them but the core is still there. Even the Wii with its unique controller(s) can't escape from the basics."

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