Cyberpunk 2077 – Overusing Cybernetics Will Have Consequences

CD Projekt RED are no strangers to choice and consequence mechanics, which is something they seem to be doubling down on with their upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.

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Mr_cheese28d ago

From all the bits of news and information provided so far, it's looking like this game is going to be mad detailed!

Genuinely my most anticipated game

blacktiger28d ago

all games say the same crap and all you get is a background cheesy animation, that may interact with you. Dude all games say the same crap and let's see when it launches. Those were our rules before internet, I still think that is the best option.

28d ago
Mr_cheese28d ago

Sorry bud, never been my rule. Even more so before the internet because I was a kid and reading the magazines and seeing the snippets got me hyped like it was Christmas.

As for this game, should you not judge based on the developer and their history? Have CDPR let us down?

For me, no. I'm excited.

TheCommentator28d ago

EGM and GamePro FTW!!!

I was addicted to those mags as a kid, and I' like a kid at Christmas now with the info about this game and knowledge of CDPR's pedigree.

I'm with you on this one!

strayanalog28d ago

With as much detail as they're putting into Cyberpunk, this may end up being next-gen or at least a cross-gen title. Wonder how big the install size is going to be?

Kostche28d ago

we figured that out when she went to see the upgrade guy, and he gave her meds, one taken now, and more later on, there probably is cyber sickness in the game, we already know her partner gets killed

raWfodog27d ago

I like it. You won't necessarily want to become an overpowered terminator. You'll have to find that perfect balance between man (or woman) and machine.