Tasha's League of Legends Cosplay is Incredibly Sexy and Awesome

We welcome you back to another amazing cosplay feature. This weekend we are featuring the talented and beautiful Tasha from Spiral Cats Cosplay.

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ChrisW114d ago

Meh... Not that great.

BTW. This stuff needs to be posted on Animeshinbun, not N4G. Even though it's cosplay about game characters, it's plain and simply just NOT gaming news.

drizzom114d ago

What about TGS's booth babes?

ChrisW114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

What about them? Other than them looking pretty (which I don't mind), is there anything news worthy about them?

EDIT: That is; Other than PAX on both East and West Coast banning them. That was news worthy at the time.

Fist4achin114d ago

Nice, i think she looks great! I vote to keep cosplayers right here.

DrumBeat113d ago

Just give me a nice Yennefer cosplay album, please.