Yakuza Character Popularity poll at TGS 2018 yields surprising result

SEGA's TGS 2018 stage presentation for the Yakuza games ranked the most popular characters from the series.

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Nitrowolf22070d ago

I’m not surprised tbh, Majima imo is just a far more likable character due to his range of personality. Not that kiryu doesn’t display any, it’s just he seems to be the exact same in every game versus Majima, especially in the last few games

Razmiran2069d ago

I feel that majima is a bit inconsistent tho

LegoIsAwesome2068d ago

If you played Zero, you'll know why and love him. Majima > Kiryu

Razmiran2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

I played all the ones that were released in english
I still think that the kiwami games shoved him down my throat (Especially the first one)
He is better when he has depth, he acts like a psycopath, but he has his reasons
But Kiwami has him acting all wacky and inconsistent

DerekTweed2069d ago

That is not surprising at all!

killbillvolume122069d ago

What's more surprising is how stupid Sega is with this brand. Just release all the games on all consoles and pc. Honestly there is no reason not to. You have an amazing brand and you just release some on some consoles it really holds people back from purchasing the game. Release it all or NONE.

ChrisW2069d ago

It's really just a bunch of over-the-top Japanese drama... Unless you like that stuff, you're not missing much

killbillvolume122069d ago

We are missing alot including the samurai era games. They think the west won't like it. I call BS. What's stopping Sega from releasing massive collections on ps4 or pc or xbox one. There is no reason not to. Look at ace attorney its now coming to everything... If that can anything can.

ChrisW2068d ago

For a good samurai era game, they really need to do 70s and 80s style drama, like "Abarenbo Shogun."

What makes it awesome is that it used real acting, not anime-ish crappy cliches and tropes.

AspiringProGenji2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

it's because of comments like these that Niche japanese games are exclusive to Ps4

pyroxxx2069d ago

maybe because there are like 2003 xbox ones on US military bases in Japan 2.5 -3 times disparaging numbers WW,.. they just started consistently bringing Yakuzas to the west,... Hopefully they will bring some of these games to PC eventually

we4202069d ago

To be fair, Sega is much better with the localization than they were a few years ago. Hell, Project Judge was announced for the US the same day it was announced in Japan, that's gotta count for something. Also if iirc the reason we didn't get Ishin was because they had topics of child prostitution, which would've raised a ton of red flags over here, and the samurai games are the only ones we really missed besides the spin-off psp games. If they were to make another samurai game I'm sure it'd make to the west

killbillvolume122069d ago

Im honestly not sure they are. Case in point Valkyrie 4... What in the hell is there point of having that on pc when we are missing 2 and 3..... Another case in Point when Ace Attorney can be released on everything they could easily re release the entire Valkyrie collection on everything. Don't get me wrong i want to give them my money its just they are making it hard.

Razmiran2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Valkyrie 2 and 3 are not really necesary to understand 4, 3 is not even part of the same cannon and Im not really sure about 2, played it like 8 years ago

Majin-vegeta2069d ago

It's a matter wether it's worth the porting or not.

killbillvolume122069d ago

My point is there is no point in releasing a numbered game on pc or a new console when you can't play the others on said console or PC. For example Valkyrie 4 can't play 2 and 3 on pc and only 1 you can. It puts me right off because i want to play the others in order. *ocd*

NarooN2068d ago

The director of the series said that they shopped the IP around to both Nintendo and Microsoft and neither of them were interested, so they went with Sony. Now the games are slowly coming to PC as well. I don't blame them for it.

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LKane2069d ago

In the more recent Yakuza series, Majima was pretty cool. Also I found Akiyama to be pretty cool too.

Segata2069d ago

I prefer Kiryu just because he is so aloof. Makes it funnier.

DVAcme2069d ago

I agree. Part of what makes the Yakuza series so funny is that Kiryu is such a great straight man, and when he does ridiculously cool or silly stuff the contrast is laugh-inducing. The Ono-Michio sidequest in Yakuza 6 is one of the most gut-bustingly funny moments in any game ever, and that's just one of the literally hundreds of hilarious and goofy quests throughout the series.

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