New Death Stranding Characters, New Video, and New Artwork by Yoji Shinkawa Revealed by Hideo Kojima

During a panel from the PlayStation booth at Tokyo Game Show in Chiba, Japan, Hideo Kojima revealed brand new characters for Kojima Productions' upcoming game.

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kltpzyxm122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Damn this game looks so unique

TheKingKratos122d ago

I'm still waiting on Solid snake revel /s

giovanealex121d ago

In a very Kojima fashion: he is the otherworldly feline.

121d ago
alb1899121d ago

Is starting getting my attention.

UltraNova121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Well folks this is what we get when minds like Hideo's are let loose...

Damn the wait is killing me, just finish the damn game man and let me loose my mind over it!

DarkVoyager122d ago

Looks amazing although I get more confused with every showing. Can’t wait to play this on PS5!

DarkVoyager122d ago

You think this game is coming out before 2020?

ILostMyMind122d ago

After/before... You still will be able to play It on PS4. But i can play It on PS5 too.

DarkVoyager122d ago

“After/before... You still will be able to play It on PS4. But i can play It on PS5 too.“

Yes and I’ll be playing it on PS5 assuming it’s on there. Is that such a bad thing?

Gatsu122d ago

It is most likely coming next year as hinted by Kojima.

MrSugarholic122d ago

Where did he hint it was coming next year?

Nyxus122d ago

@ MrSguarholic: From the article:

"At the end of the panel, Kojima-san mentioned that the game is still on course to its predicted release, which might be the year in which Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira is set. That would mean 2019."

Foxhound922122d ago

Seems like you're behind on the times old chap. Kojima, and many signs, are pointing to a fall 2019 release.

sampsonon122d ago

all the games Sony has announced are ps4 games. not to say they won't be available for the 5

Realms121d ago

People talk a lot of smack about Kojima taking his sweet ass time but I wonder how much of that was him fighting with Konami to get what he wanted out. People also forget that even though he took forever on MGSV it's because he helped build the Fox Engine. It's been confirm he is using the Decima Engine so the game could very well be ahead of schedule.

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TyrellCorp122d ago

Every time I see this game I’m both more confused and more intrigued. Looks to be some excellent mind bending sci-fi

GTgamer122d ago

That Decima Engine tho looks amazing

UltraNova121d ago

Yep, no try to imagine how Guerilla's next game, possibly on ps5 will look like....

GTgamer121d ago

Mannnnn I can only imagine

Pyrofire95121d ago

It's ridiculous what that engine can do.