Super Mario Party doesn't support Handheld Mode, and that's a pretty big deal

With few exceptions, almost every Switch game has had both home console and handheld play. Next month's Super Mario Party, unfortunately, breaks that trend.

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chinton24d ago

My primary purpose for owning a Switch is it's on-the-go feature. This seems odd to restrict the systems audience for one of it's best-known features.

King_Noctis24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I think the article got the wording abit wrong. While it doesn’t support handheld mode, it still support portable/tabletop mode. Just remove the joycon from the console and you’re good to go.

Sgt_Slaughter24d ago

Tabletop to me isn't the same as portable mode. There's far fewer situations that you can use it tabletop style.

This combined with no Pro controller support is leaning me towards waiting on the game instead of getting it right away.

Theknightofnights24d ago

You can still play it on-the-go without being in handheld mode.

porkChop24d ago

Some of the mini games require motion controls. That makes handheld play impossible. You can still play in tabletop mode though.

Sgt_Slaughter24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

They should have made a set of minigames to replace the motion ones while playing in Handheld mode, then.

But also the tablet has gyro control anyway, I'm certain not all of the minigames that require motion would be unplayable.

lptmg24d ago

wasn't that a bit obvious with the motion control limitations?

Sgt_Slaughter24d ago

I mean the tablet has gyro, wouldn't that only limit a certain few motion games? The Pro controller also has gyro as well, that should be able to be used too but that's also restricted.

Damrock24d ago

What??? A handheld device that doesn't support handheld mode??????

PhantomS4224d ago

Misleading, fake title to generate hate.

Ciporta198024d ago

So you can play it in handheld mode then?

Unreal0124d ago


Table top mode. It can't physically play handheld due to requiring the joy cons for the mini games.

So while the title is technically true, it's very hyperbole.

Gh05t23d ago

It's not a handheld it's a "hybrid" device.

Or so I was told over and over and over again.

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The story is too old to be commented.