Year on Year Sales & Market Share Charts - September 1, 2018

Xbox One – Up Year-on-Year 514,521 (19.8%)

Nintendo Switch - Up Year-on-Year 1,338,503 (23.8%)
Nintendo 3DS – Down Year-on-Year 1,274,757 (-39.2%)

PlayStation 4 – Down Year-on-Year 1,628,022 (-15.8%)
PlayStation Vita – Down Year-on-Year 372,600 (-67.9%)

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sho0ok_225d ago

That's expected, since both MS and Nintendo has lunched new console with much power compared to the previous one.

YodaCracker25d ago

Wow, the PS4 is way down from last year.

Lime12325d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Yep, and stil outselling Xbox One 3 to 1.

Bhai25d ago

Yeah but again, in the same yearly frame...
PS4 in 2018 : 8.6 mil
Xb1 in 2018 : 3.1 mil

That's almost 3 to 1 retained ;)

DeadSilence25d ago

It's normal Ps4 being down, Last year was a Juggernaut one.

Playstation or Switch should take 2018.

badz14924d ago

so far, it's the PS4 for 2018. with the results for Spider-man still awaiting and CoD + RDR2 both of which the PS4 has the marketing rights are right around the corner, I think the PS4 will beat the Switch again this year. I think Sony will do something special for Black Friday too like last year