Days Gone TGS 2018 Demo Comparison Shows Improved Cutscenes And Visuals

Days Gone is 'fully playable' at Tokyo Game Show 2018. The game is shown in a stage event with the opening prologue getting a gameplay demo.

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DarkVoyager28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Looks much better although it looked great already.

Hopefully this gets ironed out by release.

“The only issue that still remains is some of the animations that feel a little clunky and the frame rate can still drop when killing a large horde, otherwise, it feels like the game is more polished now and offers a better experience overall.”

AdonisIsBeast28d ago

Visuals are prime. Genuinely just want them to use time to add some deeper implementations such as lockpick levels, etc. Would love to be able to find a stash that I have to work towards unlocking

TeamIcoFan28d ago

Oh my lawd, y'all are blind!
Do you not see the pendant around the guy's neck that's now missing in the 2018 footage?!
Forget puddlegate, pendantgate is the real, industry shattering news story of this year!!!
#whogivesashit #puddlegatewasstupidaf #donttakemeseriously #inb4kotakureportsit

nihun28d ago

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BrettAwesome27d ago

Well to be fair, they did add some bushes and shrubberies ×_× maybe he accidentally dropped his pendant in one of those?

ABizzel127d ago

Better texture work, much better lighting (also due to time of day), and use of shadows.

bumbleforce28d ago

Not sure what u guys are talking about. Still looks like a 360 game

Nyxus28d ago

I think you need to go back and look at a 360 game again.

sprinterboy28d ago

You must be playing some shite on your xbox then

TKCMuzzer28d ago

Well of course....all those BC games......the future of gaming is in the past :/

Dark_Knightmare228d ago

If you’re going to be a pathetic troll at least be better at it

Foxhound92228d ago

Sad boi can't play the game so the sad boi makes up lies in jealousy. Sad sad boi


Just like every other PS4 exclusive this will shut the doubters up at release and the graphics will even be much better than it is now when released. I find it funny how time and time again people keep talking crap about Sony exclusives before release then upon release everyone calls it a masterpiece. When will people learn!!! Keep doubting while I keep waiting to get this awesome exclusives next year 🤗

ClayRules201228d ago

Bud, go have a snickers and it’ll clear your messy vision right =)

scofios28d ago


Your confusing it with state of decay 2

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Chumdiddy28d ago

It looks better but the game itself still doesn't excite me. This feels like a game that'll release and be a universal 7/10, fine but nothing special.

mockzer028d ago

I think if the game ends up having a compelling story (which we still don't know a ton about) and they are able to iron out the frame rate dips, it might just be another awesome exclusive.

jc1228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It does look better....though something still looks off with the animations.

1nsomniac28d ago

I thought it looked noticeably worse straight away. Doesn’t look bad but most definitely dialed back!

RDF28d ago

You must of been staring into puddles for too long. The game looks upgraded.

CarlDechance27d ago (Edited 27d ago ) are just spouting bullshit.

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