Alan Wake and Heavy Rain will start more fanboy wars?

Sarah writes-Both Alan Wake and Heavy Rain look amazing and seem new and fresh,with the potential to change the gaming world much like GTA 3 did last generation will it live up to the hype?The crew discuss that and all your gaming news this week.

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sonarus3699d ago

Heavy rain will look better and will probably have more of a story. But its not REALLY a game. Its like a choose your own story type of thing. Don't get me wrong some level of skill is required in doing some of those QTE's and when you get sucked into the story you find yourself playing it more and more and the game will probably have more of an impact than Alan wake.

But all things aside Alan Wake is 100% game and will probably be more fun to play

Rick Astley3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Not really a game? By your stupid logic Indigo Prophecy wasn't a game either even though they're both exactly the same. QTE's come in during the heavy action sequences but Madison WILL need to walk around and solve puzzles throughout the GAME. Please read up on Heavy Rain before you make idiotic comments in the Gamer Zone, Sonarus. Or better yet, stay in the forums where all you do is cry and moan all day.

sonarus3699d ago

notice i didn't say not a game i said not really a game. Its like 50% game. I fukin love indigo prophecy but its not really a game. And i have a feeling heavy rain will be even less of a game than indigo. By switching the QTE to buttons instead of analog sticks they have removed some of the challenges.

I'm not going to argue my logic...i will probably get Heavy Rain due to my love for indigo but Alan wake has yet to prove to me it will be a good game. All in all though, i am fairly certain Alan wake will be more of a game than Indigo

ReaperXL73699d ago

At first Sonarus I felt the same way that you did, but after reading all the previews, and interviews on Heavy Rain it's obvious that they are trying to do something much deeper than Simple QTE.

sure their are some QTE moments but alot of the other stuff that they are trying to do with the game could potentially push gaming foward, it may not be a massive leap, but from what I've been reading I'm extreamly interested in what they turn out.

I can't make an exact judgement call just yet because the game isent even close to being done, but I really think when it comes out that people may be very impressed with what Quantic Dream comes up with.

Pain3699d ago

First time they demo'd Alan wake it was a live tech demo, they have shown Real time for heavy rain so until then my moneys on Heavy Rain.

u can give me back my bubbles now.

barom3699d ago


You know at some degree I can agree that Indigo Prophecy is more of an interactive movie than a game. But who's to define what a game is and what's not anyway? And who's to say that it's any less enjoyable if it's not a game. In fact I can honestly say Indigo Prophecy is one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. It's up there on my top 10 list or maybe even top 5.

Also your statement "But all things aside Alan Wake is 100% game and will probably be more fun to play " is not valid as we know NOTHING of how the game plays. It was probably in-game graphics but it did not give us any clue of how the game plays.

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^_^3699d ago

||why will it start more wars if heavy rain is superior?||

u got owned3699d ago

On N4G everything is about fanboy wars.

outlawlife3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

im pretty sure they already started

any alan wake story on here gets battered with it

we will have screen comparison stories with 200+ comments months before either one is released, we will have people pointing out single pixels, 5 point hue values, and the color of the text stating why one is better than the other

honestly i've looked into both games and neither one of them has me excited to be quite honest

i expect both to be disappointing upon release but i probably won't be playing either one unless they come out with something absolutely amazing that i can't miss

mastiffchild3699d ago

I gotta agree there. Heavy Rain looks impressive but unless there's more to do than we've been told yet I'll be sticking to reading books in it's stead. Everything I've read about AW also leaves me underwhelmed-why can't we have the full packege of killer game AND killer graphics ever. It's almost l;ike the Fracture disaster. they had one good idea and spent the whole dev time on the terra formers forgetting any decent visuals or core shooting. The same might be happening here with these tqwo as the graphical realism takes too much precedence over all other concerns.

Unless HR gets gamers more involved then count me out, AW looks a mess apart from(ironically) it's actual looks.

Miraak82 3699d ago

most likely, we're all just that bored that we all have nothing better else to do then complain lol, hmm alan wake has no sideburns , he looks funny

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