Devil May Cry 5 Lets You Spend Real Money To Upgrade Characters

If you'd rather pay than play to earn new abilities, Devil May Cry 5 offers microtransactions to help you out.

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robtion2072d ago

Not good but I just hope they don't start cutting content to sell as dlc or lock costumes etc behind a paywall or pre order bonuses.

If so this goes from a day 1 buy to a wait for the collectors edtion in a bargain bin for me.

wolokowoh2072d ago

Megaman arm is already like that.

Damrock2072d ago

I wish it was only as badman Capcom, it's 99% of the industry that are doing this one way or the other. Konami top the list at the moment with having to pay if you want to unlock extra save game files in metal gear online.

chris2352072d ago

the solution would be so easy: do NOT buy these titles and tell your moms to buy you another game. it is really as easy as that.

SegaGamer2072d ago

Capcom, like EA, clearly want to be hated.

"With giving people the ability to purchase Red Orbs, it’s something we want to give people as an option. If they want to save time and just want to get all the stuff at once, those people can do that"

Here is the translated version for those that don't have a brain

"We know how many idiots are easily fooled by our business practices, this is about making easy money"

When things like this are put in place, you can almost guarantee that they will make it grindy. It's a shady attempt to get players to buy microtransactions. It also ruins it for us that want nothing to do with microtransactions. We have to grind our way through or spend real money to make it less boring.

If I was a reviewer, this would reflect heavily on my overall score.

Also, why are gaming journalists such wimps? all they ever do is ask a question and just accept the reply without any argument. Why don't they grow a spine and call these people out? They are given the opportunity to be the voice for the gamers and they bottle it every single time. What, are they too afraid that they won't get their free copy of the game or something?

badz1492072d ago

"Also, why are gaming journalists such wimps? all they ever do is ask a question and just accept the reply without any argument. Why don't they grow a spine and call these people out? They are given the opportunity to be the voice for the gamers and they bottle it every single time."

because they get free stuff. start a rebellion and say goodbye to those free goodies, exclusive invites etc.

we4202071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

The "player choice" excuse is so ridiculous. If it were really about player choice they would implement that old game feature called a cheat code to unlock everything, but no it's all about the money.

antikbaka2071d ago

if they want ppl save time..why not just give them old good cheat codes

FinalFantasyFanatic2071d ago

Don't forget some journalists can't even play the game (the Cuphead fiasco), or they play game genres they hate and rate it poorly (JRPGs last gen).

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FallenAngel19842072d ago

Capcom can’t stop being Capcom

NeoGamer2322071d ago

Yup, gamers seem to forgive them far too easily. While EA is continually punished because of their idiotic actions, Capcom releases one good game a year and gamers flock back to them... This year Monster Hunter World.

Their remasters so far this generation have just been cheap ports. RE2 will be an exception. The rest are garbage ports but gamers bought them anyhow.

AspiringProGenji2072d ago

It is probably because no one gave DMC4 enough coverage and criticism for mts that DMC5 is featuring this shit. Just want until Resident Evil 2... I hope I won’t be running out of bullets faster or barely finding ammunition thanks to that so “player choice.”

DarXyde2072d ago

I'm pretty sure that's not what's being implied at all.

It's an option for people who want instant gratification. It's basically like buying a game- specific game shark and giving yourself red orbs.

Not a fan, but hey, it's purely optional and you don't need it. I question a lot of things gamers do or will do. If there's a market for it and people are willing to pay, go for it, I guess.

It wasn't awful in DMC4SE at all. Literally zero need to pay for it, but some people don't want to earn stuff. I don't know what it will look like in DMC5, but it was very optional in 4SE. Never even really noticed it

DarXyde2072d ago


If you're playing an early Resident Evil and you have an abundance of bullets, you need to turn up the difficulty. Those games have largely been about dodging and conserving ammo.

Likewise, if you buy bullets, I would laugh at you.

I'm not quite understanding the outrage. As long as it isn't negatively impacting the game and I can still play it in a skill based manner where I can acquire more red orbs for my stylish gameplay, I don't really care if the little guys need the boost. I don't.

You literally just don't need to buy it. JRPGs have been doing this on PS3. And you know what? Capcom is not going to NOT include it because it's a bloody option. If they locked upgrades behind a paywall, I'm right there with you on raising a racket. But this? No lol.

Lord_Sloth2071d ago

Not right, but meaningless. It's just extra red orbs and proud souls for people who suck at the game, or they can pay to unlock the blue orbs you just find laying around. 90% of the people playing won't buy them anyways. As Micro Transactions go this is pretty damn tame.

FinalFantasyFanatic2071d ago


Personally I feel more gratified earning it through skill, but some people are just lazy or just want it now.

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zivtheawesome2072d ago

DMC4SE already had the DMC4 economy which was not made with MTX in mind and they couldn't change it to make the intention behind it obvious. here however, there is nothing to compare it to and they can design the economy around you buying MTX or you grind like hell. this is very worrying.

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wwinterj2072d ago

So are you suggesting I should wait and buy the inevitable Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition? Not a bad idea to be honest.