Starlink: Battle for Atlas Made Me Excited About Toys in Video Games | The Koalition

Gary Swaby at writes:
"When I saw Starlink: Battle for Atlas at E3 2018, It seemed quite impressive. Now, after spending some time with the game I can say that it’s actually a game I’d consider owning, and a concept that I would love to see more of in gaming. The toy-to-life concept of Starlink has really sold me on the idea, and it’s something I would like to see more of in games that focus on character progression and abilities."

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rbailey25d ago

Having had a chance to play Starlink at E3, I also agree with a lot of points made in this article. The game has a lot of charm and the toys add another layer of fun to the overall experience. I’m hoping this game does well saleswise in October but even if it doesn’t it def has the potential to be a must have item this upcoming holiday season for kids.

WickedLester25d ago

I'm definitely getting the Switch version with the Starfox content! It feels like the Starfox game that Nintendo refuses to give me!

CobraKai25d ago

Starfox is the only reason I even give this game consideration. Plus, they sold me on the little mod-able Arwing with Fox pilot.

playnice24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I wish the characters were exclusively from the Starfox universe, the rest look way too generic and forgetable... minor detail I guess :)

Segata25d ago

No Mans Skylanders. No Mans Starfox. Either way, this will be my first toys to life game. Starfox sold me on it.

ZeekQuattro25d ago

I'm tempted to buy this game. Don't get me wrong I actually like Zero despite it being a remake of a remake. Anyway Starlink looks like what a modern Star Fox game should be. What with the way the studio is handling the game it almost feels like it should of been a exclusive what with added Star Fox content and being able to play the whole game as the character. I was just expecting an extra level or something of that nature devoted to the character on the Switch version.

sagesurge25d ago

This seems very promising much like Disney Infinity