UGO: Wii Music Review

UGO writes: "To my knowledge there is no one in my extended family that is musically inclined. I never attended any recitals. No one had a piano in the house. As far as I can tell my entire clan is tone deaf. And that's fine. We can't all be musicians. Little did I know that decades later, when I picked up Wii Music, the vacuum of my musical knowledge would bite me in the ass. Now more than ever it's clear, I don't know a melody from a harmony from a radio jingle.

Not that this really matters. Shigeru's answer to the exploding rhythm/music genre is the much hyped Wii Music. And it's deceptively simplistic. I say deceptively because the feature sheet has bullet points like 60 playable instruments and the ability to lay down every instrumental track within a song. But no matter how many improvised notes or musical styles you master, playing the piano with the Wiimote and nunchuck looks exactly like hammering some invisible nails."

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