Gaming Industry Comes Together in Twitter Campaign for Those Affected by Capcom and Telltale Layoffs

Guerrilla Games, Ubisoft, Sony Santa Monica, and many more developers and publishers reach out to those affected in Capcom and Telltale layoffs.

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P_Bomb28d ago

Class. Hope everyone can land on their feet. I didn’t even know about Capcom Vancouver til now.

Ciporta198028d ago

After such bad news this is one of the best stories about the games industry I've ever read. Hope everyone is able to find a job out of this.

gamer780428d ago

good, apparently no one at the studio got severance pay :(

Smokehouse28d ago

Twitter actually being useful for a change... Unless they are just handing out platitudes and not jobs.

uth1128d ago

it's very easy to send newly laid off people links to your careers page.

actually hiring them is another matter

Smokehouse28d ago

Yup. Hopefully the people worth their salt get an honest chance.

27d ago
rainslacker28d ago

There's actually a shortage of qualified and experienced game developers out there, so I'm sure its more than platitudes. Of course, not all of them will be hired either through them not applying, or just deciding to do something else.

For the most part, in the game industry, if one works at an established studio and has releases under their belt, and they aren't let go from the studio due to reasons that are their own fault, it's not really that hard to find a job at another studio.

Smokehouse28d ago

That’s good to hear. Telltale writing would work well with games more focused on gameplay mechanics.

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