Utada Hikaru teams with Skrillex and Poo Bear for Kingdom Hearts III opening theme "Face My Fears"

It seems like Square Enix has a thing for popular DJs. After collaborating with Afrojack to create the fishing music for Final Fantasy XV (among a couple other tracks), the company is once again looking to try and make this sort of thing work.

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-Foxtrot117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

What? They didn't really need anyone extra for the other two themes...

So Don't Think Twice is now an ending theme? Strange considering they've never done this before with KH.

I don't think a rapper fits with these themes

wwinterj117d ago

I'm not worried. The opening will be a more upbeat song as always with the ending song being more mellow like Don't Think Twice. I admit I was expecting a remix of Don't Think Twice as past games remix the end credit song but this stops the songs becoming stale I suppose.

-Foxtrot117d ago

I liked them remixing the original songs though as it made a massive difference in comparison from the start of the journey to the end.

The issue is why fix what's not broke.

Sevir117d ago

Lol Fox always complaining... Let's wait till the track is released?

ninsigma117d ago

Who on earth thing skrillex is a good fit for kingdom hearts?? And who the heck is poo bear??

FallenAngel1984112d ago

How many people thought that Final Fantasy and Disney were a good fit together to begin with?

Unlikely collaborations is nothing new for this series, especially since that’s what it’s based on.

ninsigma112d ago

Fair enough point. I just think of crappy music when I hear skrillex, I don't believe that style fits KH at all. However it may not be that style, it is a collab after all. Just gotta wait and see.

bigmalky117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Satisfy them new kids before fans yo.


PhantomS42117d ago

Please don't be actually in the game. I'll take the disc out if I hear sh***y-a** Skrillex music. How about let's not.

Sevir117d ago

Are you worried about a 2 - 3 intro music of a skippable cinematic or are you excited to play a 50+ hour conclusion to a revered franchise? Lol it's not that serious...

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