Which superhero, or supervillain, should get a blockbuster game next?

Move over Spider-Man and the Dark Knight, it's time for some new supers to take the limelight.

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SuperSonic9125d ago

Again the PS4's great innovative move.
This will launch a thousand imitation for sure.
Uncharted 2 change haw games were made back in the PS3 days.
Now this Spidey game will change game development for next gen.

My Xbix only friends said if it were not for God of War or if it were not for Spider-Man they will not buy a PS4 Pro.

The powet of PS4 single player exclusives COMPELLS gamers.

The answer is :the game being just a well made high quality game. 
That is yhe true essence and importance of a legit exclusive.

The love and care for the game is great powet.

trouble_bubble25d ago

Squirrel Girl. Hey how many heroes can put nuts in their mouth and get away with it?

gangsta_red24d ago


Matter Eater Lad, can put anything in his mouth.

gangsta_red24d ago

Captain America
Heroes for Hire
Iron Man
Green Lantern

Would love to see a game made with any if those heroes. Especially Superman

Cajun Chicken23d ago

I would love a Batman Beyond/Batman of the Future game. The game deserves a Terry McGinnis focused game with Bruce as an advisor/mentor just like the show. Some of the villains in that series were the best. Future Gotham looked amazing, the neon/punk aesthetic looked great for gangs. Get Paul Dini back as a game writer too. Arkham Knight suffered for the lack of his talent.

I'd also love a Flash game, especially based on the Arrowverse version, but I don't see how anyone could get it to work. An open world game based around a speedster would be a hard one to pull off.

A Doctor Strange game would have to be something like the way Soul Reaver worked with two shifting dimensions and I just don't see it being a straight forward superhero sandbox game, but more of an action/adventure.

I think a Daredevil game would be a logical move. The Netflix series is so good and shows what an open world game would be like with a whole city at his disposal, with parkour, kicking ass and Daredevil already has heightened senses replacing Detective Mode/Spidey Sense. It could also do a Spiderman (PS4) and let you do Matt Murdock's lawyer work in sections not unlike L.A. Noire when he' s not being Daredevil.