Gaming Age Online: Saints Row 2 Review

Gaming Age Online writes:

"All together though, I really had a blast with Saints Row 2, and it fully delivered on my expectations. It doesn't have the polish that GTA IV has, but at the same time I just felt like I was having more fun here than I ever did in Liberty City. The sheer amount of freedom in how you do your missions (and the lack of scripted set-ups) is one of my favorite aspects in a sandbox environment, and right now, Saints Row 2 honestly serves up the best experience when it comes to just having some fun in a big city with no rules for a few hours. Definitely check this one out, and don't pass it by because it's a GTA clone of sorts, since it definitely provides a different experience from the current sandbox style games available right now."

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lekun13674d ago

Somehow i don't think this is a GTA 4 beater