EA Should Learn From Sony's Excellent Development of New Single Player IP

EA can learn a thing or two from the console market leader.

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Spurg25d ago

A part of me doesn't want EA to end this loot box craze and i'm pretty sure most people don't want them to change either. Instead, they want an example of a distraught company so they can point their fingers and say that's the bad guy. I want them to be so adamant their bad streak that they crumble on it. Once that happens they'll disband and sell their Ip to the highest bidder. That way we can get Bioware, dice and many more developers held captive by EA to truly create something they want.

Come on...let a man dream.

Gamist2dot025d ago

As evil as it sounds, I want them to crumble as well. I'm just tired of their BS.

tehpees325d ago

Doesn't sound evil at all. EA are paying the press to push a lie that consumers are the ones acting entitled when it is them acting entitled and greedy.

badz14924d ago

with both FIFA (this year they even got Champions and Europa League from PES) and Madden NFL license, and people buying those games in droves every year, it's pretty unlikely that EA will crumble anytime soon

sprinterboy25d ago

All it would take is everyone to not buy a single copy of there games for a yr.
I keep saying the same thing for pay per view events like boxing etc, they'd soon drop there prices, if they charged £5 for a main event boxing match instead of £20, more people would buy it too watch live rather than use streaming sites then.

kneon25d ago

I'm doing my best. The last EA game I bought was MIrror's Edge, and before that it would have been Mass Effect 3.

MoshA25d ago

Bioware is also to be blamed for selling out to EA and dumbing down their games

InTheZoneAC25d ago

At this point I don't think Bioware would be any better without EA, they're corrupted from within.

riibhu25d ago

Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Titanfall, and now Battlefield, every series that is held captive to EA is suffering. You're not alone in thinking EA's fall.

Muzikguy25d ago

I definitely wouldn't mind a gaming world without EA in it. So many things they've done that I'm just not proud of and it's all happened in a short time really. Since shortly after the PS3 launched. I haven't bought a single EA game since the PS4 released. I can't see EA making quality single player games. They had some great IPs that they already messed up like Dead Space.

SixFragz24d ago


I see the Scarface reference btw.


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Ninja_Ryu25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Not just EA there's a few other companies and publisher in my mind

InTheZoneAC25d ago

MS, Bioware, Activision, 2k

ShadowWolf71224d ago

BioWare is a dev owned by EA dude, they're kinda covered already. lol

rainslacker24d ago

I think there is just too much money rolling around for there to be any major shake up any time soon. For the most part, the average game isn't really too concerned about a lot of the stuff we concern ourselves with, and often don't even think of EA when looking at the game itself.

Its not to say that enough bad press and a huge social media campaign can't shake things up here and there, but a lot of times that isn't going to go on consistently. EA having two big upsets with SW:BF and now the new BF, it may seem like things are going more for the gamer, but each situation came about for very different reasons. One was Loot Boxes, the other was a huge push back due to the devs themselves being a**holes towards the customers.

Still, if EA has enough upsets every year, the investors will start to demand changes, and while the investors are happy with trying to milk the customers as much as possible, a more solid foundation on which to build that paradigm is going to be much more important. However, if they start to doubt the monetization of the MT stuff, and see it as a hinderance to future potential, the stock prices can start to drop to a point where more of them bail, and if that happens, then it can indeed be bad news for EA, as for the most part, a publicly traded company like this can only exist on the money that it has through the stock investment, and EA has a lot of money wrapped up in development, so a crash of their stocks could cause them to go bankrupt.

This is a worse case scenario though, and they're a ways from being at that point.

One would hope that EA would restructure before that ever happened, but every CEO they've had since the PS3/360 days have all been pretty much the same...and it seems they're more about milking every penny out of the customer, with less and less focus on creating meaningful long term IP's

1-pwnsause-125d ago

EA is never gonna learn...I want them to suffer and die....

whitesoxfalife7625d ago

wow really? so screw all the employees who work there like the janitor, maintenance workers, ya know just everyday workers who have families. But cool to type a comment for a company to suffer and die.
hope your pockets deep enough to cover all those workers and their family.

tehpees325d ago

The money EA employees get is conned out of people.

ZXCPCA50025d ago

Can you please explain to me how its a con?

annoyedgamer25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Those employees will be laid off anyways judging by their past practices.

Rimeskeem25d ago

You understand that EA, while employees many, is one of many companies that has terrible practice. Capitalism is about being competitive and winning over people. If they cannot do that then their resources should go else where.

DarXyde25d ago

I have the same question as ZXCPCA500.

Really, how is it a con? Have you been misled? Last I checked, EA is pretty open about their bad practices. It is the consumers who look at their offering and say, "Okay, I'm in." Really, where is the personal accountability?

Also, a brief lesson in organizational politics: It is VERY common for there to be an us vs. them mentality between everyday employees and executives. The execs' duties are to secure profits and make decisions for the company. If the company makes great profits, they have been successful and execs are very often rewarded for it. The string of subpar software is quite probably the result of the developers, being told by the execs, to cut corners or avoid getting particularly creative and inspired. And frankly, their hands are tied; they have families families to feed, resumes to build, etc. Getting fired from a company like EA is probably a death sentence in the gaming industry.

Ya'll may disagree, but I find your solution to be misinformed and this is a common reality. Cannot prove this happens at EA, but I've seen this kind of culture frequently before and it SCREAMS politics to me. And have you all seen EA's reviews on Glassdoor? Any of the reviews that aren't written with rose tinted shades are pretty consistent.

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PhoenixUp25d ago

If EA hasn’t learned yet, it’s doubtful they’ll change their minds and their evil hEArts

Elda25d ago

There are others that can follow suit as well.

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