Will PES Finally Be Better Than FIFA This Year?

Brent Lee Of The Koalition writes: In 2001, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) hit stores for the first time. Upon its release, video gamers and football fans raved about the gameplay it offered. PES converts loved the game’s realistic play, pace, and feel. In the United Kingdom alone, PES sold over 200,000 copies of its original version for PlayStation 2.

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rbailey30d ago

If EA Sports doesn't keep evolving their FIFA game then yes the competition definitely will continue to be a great alternative for fans of the sport.

badz14929d ago

all FIFA players care about are the licenses and this year FIFA has added Champions & Europa League which were exclusives for PES until last year. So...sadly, even if they just repackage their game from last year with updated roosters and licenses, FIFA will still outsell PES by A LOT!

2pacalypsenow30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I would buy PES over FIFA if they fixed their licensing.

Bruneblomst30d ago

You can get all the licensing for free, gamesradar has an option file guide for pes 2019.

badz14929d ago


not on console, NEVER! because EA has the licenses locked down as it's their biggest marketing tool for the their game. but play on PC and download the mods. there are dedicated PES fans on PC creating mods to change the fake teams in PES into their true teams.

Bruneblomst24d ago

you can get option file for ps4,its not only pc.

SwiffEpics30d ago

FIFA has been trying to rely on microtransactions. PES seems like they just want to make a great football game. FIFA has the licensing though so that's a huge advantage for them.

Wotbot30d ago

It was better last year and this year

fxa520929d ago

Yes, it is better this year and every year in the past 3 years. The game review score was dodged this year because they lost the UCL licencing. On the pitch, game play is superior and no like any other football game made.

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