Devil May Cry 5 Director Explains Influence of Ninja Theory's DMC on the Game's Developent

Ninja Theory's intermission in the Devil May Cry series created two camps within the Devil May Cry 5 team combining respect with healthy competition.

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FallenAngel198428d ago

It’s nice that they at least stick by the game and not try to pretend it didn’t happen like they do with DMC2

naruga28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

that s the worst thing about DMC 5 ....the characters look a lot like the abysmal DmC...Nero is like a cretin and Dante like homeless

Eiyuuou28d ago

No, they don't. They look absolutely fine. If you're gonna criticize the game, at least say something that makes sense.

Last_Boss28d ago

Are you kidding. The models are top notch. TF

Wha_gwaan28d ago

I bet if ninja theory's influence didn't have anything to do with the game design you would be saying the characters look great but because it does then you're finding faults without playing the game first. GTFOH

Segata28d ago

*they decided to make new coke,we at Capcom decided to make coca cola classic"

AK9128d ago

Uh oh I don’t like where this is going.

WitcheRivia28d ago

People already knew that this was going in the direction of DmC with the graphics. It no longer has the classic anime look. Those people only choose to ignore this because Capcom is behind it this time.