Devil May Cry 5 Director Wants to Make Rival Schools 3; Explains Why it Would Be Cool

Few fighting game series are as charming as Capcom's Rival Schools; Hideaki Itsuno explains why it would be cool to release a third chapter.

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Yi-Long30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I think Capcom should outsource Street Fighter Alpha 4, including multiple members of the cast of Rival Schools, to Arc Systems.

The seems far better equipped when it comes to releasing gorgeous 2D fighters than Capcom, and they can nail that anime-look the Alpha series is known for.

After Capcom's recent failures with their 2D fighters, something needs to happen/change at that company.

Imortus_san30d ago

No way in hell, Street fighter is not some ultra fast combo game, and Street Fighter Alpha 3 is my fav SF, followed by SSF2 Grand Master Challenge, SF 3 FFF, and SF Ex2

thatguyhayat30d ago

Do it. One of few games that needs to see daylight

Imortus_san30d ago

That would be great, I still play my Dreamcast version from time to time.

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