Devil May Cry 5's Dante Looks as Stylish as Ever in New Xbox One X Gameplay [Spoiler-Free]

Devil May Cry 5 looks fantastic on Xbox One X. Check out over ten minutes of commented but spoiler-free gameplay featuring Dante in action.

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DarkVoyager30d ago

Can’t wait to play this on PS4 Pro. Looks amazing and runs at 60fps to boot.

Kiwi6629d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Do you think that people really care that you're going to play it on ps4 pro when the article is talking about what the game is like on the Xbox One X

starchild29d ago

I'll be playing it on PC because I can get both high framerates and high resolutions, along with likely other graphics improvements.

blm50430d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Can't wait to play this on my X amazing console I recommend it to anyone who has the cash and who loves gaming and doesn't hate Xbox to give this console a chance you won't be disappointed

UnSelf29d ago

a little too on the nose there bud. Unless you work for MS then carry on

blm50429d ago

Nah potna I don't work for Microsoft wish I did but just speaking on my experience with the X which is absolutely awesome console

DivineAssault 29d ago

I hope leveling isnt a grind fest to encourage those MT theyre putting in. If i see any negative feedback regarding that im not buying this game

BrettAwesome29d ago

It's funny to think that whenever MS spends money marketing a game, it's just money saved for SONY. Every single time it happens, MS are doing Sony a huge favour 😀

ZXCPCA50029d ago

Whatever. So, what you think of the footage?

BrettAwesome29d ago

It looks great! Like Bayonetta, except without the ass and tits. If the One X was a PlayStation, I'd have bought one!

Daz29d ago

Should just get the x. Great console. Or are you 1 brand only kind of person.

Picture_Dancer29d ago

I am aware customer that votes with his wallet. M$ wanted to include alwas online and DRS and I don't support that. X360 was missing many basic features whixh you had to bought extra (charger, wifi etc) and lied about not requiring hard drive. I don't buy also apple products because i don't support their policy.

DrumBeat29d ago

Looks great on the Xbox One X.

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