GameZone: Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy Review

GameZone writes: "If you're going to give Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy credit for anything, then give the game credit for its originality. Not too many games can come up with the idea of having Nostradamus' cross-dressing daughter (Madeline) running around trying to uncover clues as to why members of early 15th century French royalty are going to die off in Nostradamus' prophecy. Unfortunately, this is where the positives for the concept end since a lot of the ideas for the puzzles and objectives are get overly complicated.

A good example of this can be seen when you have to complete the quest to become Nostradamus' cross-dressing daughter – she's trying to disguise herself as her brother Cesar – since it takes a monumental effort! At first the task at hand doesn't seem so hard since you walk into Cesar's room and find most of his clothes on the bed. Then you see a picture of him on the wall which sheds further light on what Madeline needs to be dressed like. You eventually find his hat in a room downstairs which makes you think that you're done with the disguise. But no!! This game is too realistic for that so you've also got to run around Nostradams' crib looking for things like a wig, glasses, and a ... compression bra?"

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