Sony, Nintendo, Classic Consoles are Fine—But What About Backwards Compatibility?

Nintendo and Sony are chasing the “Classic” consoles money, but ignoring a far more important issue on hand.

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ziggurcat29d ago

"Sony, Nintendo, Classic Consoles are Fine—But What About Backwards Compatibility?"

this isn't backwards compatibility, so... what about it?

SuperSonic9129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I know these classic consoles isare novelty ites but Its about Sony gets called out for not having PS3 BC yet the Switch does not get called out for the lack thereof by tge Nintendo fans in the gaming media.

Bad Moon Rising indeed.

King_Noctis29d ago

I swear I just read the headline “Sony, Nintendo, Classic Consoles are Fine—But What About Backwards Compatibility?”

It states right there in the headline. So how is Nintendo not being called out?

TekoIie28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yes they have dude. We've been begging for VC for the last year.

rainslacker28d ago

Interesting point.

N4G has a rule that you aren't supposed to make off topic posts. Why can't they hold the articles posted here to the same standards. Maybe we can give Gamingbolt a 2 week restriction for making an off topic article, or restrict them for two weeks for constantly inciting console stupidity....which apparently is a new thing to restrict people over as well.

how about it mods?

If I get a restriction for this comment, so be it, at least I know at least one of the mods will have read it.

But to keep it on topic, Yeah, the mini consoles are fine. And as far as I know, BC is still not available on the PS4, so nothing to really discuss about it, and I don't see why an article about the mini console should be a springboard for a topic that hasn't chaged in a couple years now. Coolbeans did a blog about Cross play which basically said that it's stupid to keep regurgitating the same argument over and over again when there is nothing new to add, and even stupider to make spurious allegories to try and make what is more commonly known as a strawman argument.

Neonridr29d ago

But Nintendo had BC on their previous 2 systems. The 3DS plays DS games. The Switch was different because of the format of the system.

RizBiz29d ago

No, the Switch is different because Nintendo is dumb.

JunMei29d ago

It should at least have BC for digital titles. It would be unrealistic to expect backwards compatibility for physical titles due to the media difference.

deafdani28d ago

It's also unrealistic to expect it on digital titles because the Switch's architecture is totally different from the Wii U's.

rainslacker28d ago

Sony had BC on it's past 3 consoles. PS2, PS3(partially removed in later releases), and Vita. VIta had a different format as well, so physical BC wasn't possible, but it had digital BC.

The PS4 didn't have PS3 BC because it was a different format than its predecessor, and realistically, it had different architecture than the PS1/2 as well. Since it didn't include the hardware, it couldn't have BC.

Point of note also, MS doesn't have BC. It has emulation, which isn't technically BC. It's a good BC solution considering the circumstances of the hardware situation.

I don't really see the point of this article other than to incite the console wars, but if you're going to point out a defense for Nintendo, at least give Sony the same credit for meeting the same criteria that you set up, and then we can all just agree that this article is really just more dumb content from Gamingbolt.

Neonridr27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Wii let you put in Gamecube discs, Wii U let you put in Wii discs. 3DS allows you to play DS games. The PS4 does nothing, only the beginning model PS3's had BC and Sony quickly removed it. We are talking about physical BC here, not digital.

Only the PS2 played PS1 games natively across the board. So not sure why you are even bringing it up. Sure, digitally you can play games BC, but we aren't talking about that. I don't know why you got defensive because I chose to focus on Nintendo there. Nintendo literally support BC. The Switch used a whole different format than the Wii U, so BC would have been next to impossible.

rainslacker27d ago

Except ps3 was bc with ps1 physical and digital games throughout it's lifetime, in every iteration.

I wasn't aware we were just speaking of physical bc, but that seems rather limiting because digital is a thing.

Sony removed it due to them bleeding money from the system. They tried to keep ps2 bc through emulation ms does now, but they stopped because they saw the feature wasn't in demand enough, and I assume they were running into issues with the difference in hardware.

The ps3 played ps1 games natively as well. The processor was included I the controller chip, and the bios code existed on a flash ROM

DarkVoyager29d ago

Nintendo and Sony are chasing the “Classic” consoles money, but ignoring a far more important issue on hand.“

Nintendo and Sony are hard at work making great new games to play.

RosweeSon28d ago

Yep great companies can manage more than one product or game at a time. Others can’t manage one console or a decent game across an entire generation.
I know where I’m gaming for the next year or 3 switch and PS4 gaming gold plethora of top quality games and more than enough to keep me busy. Not a fan of same type yearly churns if a game is that good it doesn’t need a sequel within a year.

BeardedDrachen29d ago

Not gonna lie, when I had an Xbox One, it was pretty cool to buy Fable Anniversary/Halo Reach, put it in the system and the game just worked. I probably could put it an original Halo:CE and it probably would work on the system. The backwards compatibility on the systems is a nice touch for people who want to keep their physical library but reduce the amount of consoles.

I would love to put my copies of Legend of Dragoon and SOCOM 2 in my PS4 and just have it start up.

Concertoine29d ago

Yeah, being able to unplug my fat 2008 360 and its unholy brick of power was a very liberating moment.

If microsoft makes lost planet 2 backwards compatible that’ll be pretty much every game i wanted.

FallenAngel198429d ago

“As digital libraries and ecosystems become more and more important going forward, something that Sony and Nintendo are both acutely aware of, maintaining continuity and compatibility like Microsoft does will become ever more important.”

Can’t deny that.

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