Fallen Doll PC preview - A truly impressive and promising +18 sex simulator | TGG

"Project Helius "Fallen Doll" is a truly impressive and promising +18 sex simulator. Furthermore, the game also offers VR support. That's also why I can't wait to play the full version of "Fallen Doll" - Nicholas Kingsley, TGG.

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TGG_overlord29d ago

The VR version is dope as hell imo :3

TGG_overlord29d ago

Of course, or else it wouldn't be the complete gameplay experience ;)

TGG_overlord29d ago

I sure hope so ;) I don't think that we will see anything like this on console anytime soon though (at least not in the West).

gums00728d ago

(Time played- 3 hours)

Lol you wish!