Devolver shares hilarious tweets, asking Rockstar to publish Red Dead Redemption 2 for the PC

DSOGaming writes: "Well, you gotta love Devolver Digital. Earlier this week, Rockstar confirmed that – for the time being – Red Dead Redemption 2 is only coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Now I’m pretty sure that we all know that this title will eventually find its way to the PC and Devolver Digital joked about this whole thing, asking Rockstar Games to publish its title on the PC."

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NXFather28d ago


TheGamingArt28d ago

This is soo stupid it might justify a laugh

TedCruzsTaint28d ago

Hudson Plains, North East PA. Right outaide Wilkes-Barre. Lemme know. And I honestly just don't believe you've knocked anyone out lol

TedCruzsTaint28d ago

You must be a blast at parties.
That was sarcasm. Everyone probably hates you. And not in the secretive, talk behind your back sort of way, but to your face ... because they want you to kill yourself.

NXFather28d ago

Shut the fuck up you pussy. Sarcasm for Sarcasm PUSSY. And if you respond you gon have to call me up PUSSY>.

Neonridr27d ago

@NXFather - wow.. the fact that you have that many agrees to that statement is just sad..

TedCruzsTaint28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Grow up. And something about your nerdy little writings tells me you can't swing, nor take a punch. I would actually love to square up.

NXFather28d ago

You better run to that moderator.

NXFather28d ago

You scared to make a phone call but, you want to square up. Have you ever knocked anybody out my boy cuz I have.

NXFather28d ago

My apoligies man. I don't know why you started. Why u got upset about that joking comment. I like Devolver's games.

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TedCruzsTaint28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

That was some lame bs on your part. Can't even hold a convo with a white boy from PA. The world needs subs, kid. Glad to see you're doing your part. Don't care if I'm banned for calling you a skirt.

NXFather28d ago

Man I called you up and the first thing I said was why did you not call me but, you put your number. So you called me back up because the first time when I asked you why you did not call me, you said,"But you called me, thats submissive", so I hung up and said get out of here man bye. Then you call me back up explaining your mma training and how I sound heavyset. I acknowledged your training and did not run from you but, you dodged me when I asked have you ever knocked anyoneout on the wire, then after you answered the original call with that quote, I asked have you ever had a fight. To which you never answered. I said I am in Texas, you said you are in PA so I dropped it. I even said you got it cuz you weren't ready to go the first time. If you say something different about your fighting history now I won't believe you since you skirted right over that and went to your mma fitness training job instead. Come on bro, you got it chill. I had to block you cuz you sounded like a straight nerd but, you said I was.

TedCruzsTaint28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Well I tried to apologize and let you know I was just messing with you. Both on message, and on here. But if you still want to act tough fine.


You called me when I asked. I didn't you. A submissive move.
I didn't answer if I've knocked someone out because I thought it went without saying. You're up in the air there.
You were the one to hang up every time the convo got aggressive. Last time being me questioning why you're positive an out of shape person with no training (you) would win against an in shape person with training. So who is hiding from questions?
And somehow I "sound like a nerd" when I'm the white guy, and my voice is levels under yours.

Keep deflecting. I tried being nice here, but you're a sub trying to act hard.

NXFather27d ago

You must have replied after I sent all my messages but, since it was so close in time you thought it was something new.

Bob Dole27d ago

Anybody member when n4g had bubbles? Bob Dole members

Linktothepast23d ago

Out of interest: how old are you two? @NXFather, TedCruzsTaint

TheGamingArt22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Are you guys weird children straight out of the movie Idiocracy. I’ve never seen such incompetence in an N4G comment section (and that says something).

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Ceaser985736128d ago

It will be nice to see when RDR 2 lands up on PC.. I doubt though but lets see.. Probably when PS 5 and XBOX 2 releases .

King_Noctis28d ago

Lmao Devolver. That was gold. Here’s hoping Rockstar will bring RDR2 to PC somedays.

kevnb28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

They will wait, rockstar knows many pc gamers will buy for console and then for pc if they delay the pc version.

Seafort28d ago

I don't have a console this gen so no I won't be getting RDR2 on any platform. I got too many games to play as it is on PC.

MAULxx27d ago

I'm not much of a PC gamer myself but I like your comment Seafort. It just makes sense.

CarlDechance28d ago

lol.....that was pretty dang funny.

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