Telltale's Underappreciated Contribution to Games

As the studio seemingly winds down for good, it’s important to remember what they did for modern gaming.

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PhoenixUp24d ago

Another article incorrectly labeling a renounced developer as underappreciated

sander970224d ago

"Renounced developer"
Don't you mean renowned? And even then yes they did get a lot of praise a couple years ago but nobody talked about how they changed the industry.

PhoenixUp24d ago

Auto correct on phone messed up

A developer doesn’t rejuvenate an entire genre to wide acclaim and has nobody talk about it

MrDead24d ago

My hopes for a new Sam & Max, Monkey Island or Back to the Future are crushed.

I have a lot of love for Telltale, I'm going to miss them.

rainslacker24d ago

TT was underappreciated?

They seem to have gotten quite a lot of positive vibes thrown at them for games like TWD, Batman, and the Borderlands games.

They were rightly criticized for forever using an outdated engine which left games full of bugs, and probably overly criticized for the games which didn't quite live up to the aforementioned titles, but at no time did I really see them as underappreciated....maybe just over criticized at times.

On top of that, it's pretty apparent that they brought these style of story telling games back into the mainstream, whereas for a while before that, they had fallen out of grace, and were mostly contained to games on PC which licensed modestly popular book titles which appealed mostly to middle aged women.

JEECE24d ago

If anything, they were overrated. Maybe not so much the past few years, but in the 2012-2015 period. Games journalists flipped out about how great walking dead was, totally ignoring how poorly it compared to games like Heavy Rain.

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