New Kingdom Hearts III Video Reveals Sora vs. Aqua Boss Battle

A new video of Kingdom Hearts III showcased today by Square Enix teases a climactic boss battle between Sora and Aqua, and it looks awesome.

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PhoenixUp30d ago

No my heart can’t take this emotional battle

Teflon0230d ago

Probably something they shouldn't be showing imo

NautilusXIII30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Agree. Also, I'm hyped for the game of course, but I think the trailers, at least the most recent one, is showing too much stuff.

PhantomS4230d ago

Shouldn't be in the headline either, this is a pretty massive spoiler.

ninsigma30d ago

For crying out loud I'm avoiding trailers then you put the freaking thing in the title.

Spurg30d ago

They need to chill with the spoilers.

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