NZGamer: Far Cry 2 Preview

NZGamer writes: "We got to get up close and personal with Far Cry 2 in Sydney last week. While we didn't actually get to pick up a controller, we did get to see both a big chunk of the game being played and then talk to the man playing it - Clint Hocking, the creative director on the project.

Far Cry 2, fairly obviously, is a sequel - in this case, to the PC version of Far Cry from 2004. Developed by German studio Crytek, it was very successful and very popular - with people who had grunty enough PCs to play it, that is. This time around, the developer has changed (it's now developed by the awesome Ubisoft Montreal studio, the people behind Prince of Persia Sands of Time and numerous other smash hits)."

The Good: Everything you could want

The Bad: Too long?

The Ugly: This is one busy Christmas period.

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