Hajime Tabata on Final Fantasy 15’s finale and what comes next

From DLC to LARPing, Square Enix isn’t done with its blockbuster adventure just yet.

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-Foxtrot26d ago

Just let it should have been a complete game full of development and story at launch

When you need to give the big bad a DLC story episode to explain his character you know you have an issue.

Spurg26d ago

We get you're not a fan but people liked the story that was told. Everything that was promised outside of the game shouldnt be judged in the final game. You can only past judgment on the current games and DLC story not what they should or could have added.

-Foxtrot26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

So people like badly told stories...who knew

You judge the game based on what was launched, anything could be improved with that mentality

Godmars29026d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Issue with that is that story, by evidence of CG and regular anime movies, were things promised outside of the game. That as a fan you may be happy with what you got, but miss the fact that what you got came by way of three separate forms of media with added addendum besides.

Believe it or not, but that's a problem. One that is only getting worse across many mediums.

thatguyhayat25d ago

The story was clearly rushed. The dlc for the teams should have been in the game to begin with not separate dlc. It was a mess. If anything, i hope they learnt their lesson with this. And many forget that even tetsuya namura, the man himself that was taken off the project fired shots at the game too

Godmars29025d ago (Edited 25d ago )

"i hope they learnt their lesson with this."


...I mean, by now, really? How-how have they shown that they've learned anything, let alone not to over-promise grand things when starting a new gen? That's been PS2 with FF13 - it was originally a PS2 game - PS3 with FF15 when it was FF13vs, and it's likely going to be the case with FF7r which I'm betting will come out on the PS5 having been announced as a PS(3)4 game!

rainslacker25d ago

I can pass judgement when they leave a bulk of the story out of the actual story....including a rather large chunk of the story that passed between Noctis being entombed, and the finale. not to mention the few party members you had in the game just disappeared for a while, to just show up again, with little to no explanation that lasted more than a single line of dialogue, but if you wanted to know more, you could buy the DLC. Then we'll get into the $20 movie to explain the back story, which barely even talked about anything relevant to the story in the game itself, and really just set up some cursory motivations for the antagonists which if you hadn't watched the movie, you'd have no clue who they were, or why you were against them, or why Noctis needed to take revenge and all that.

On top of that, the actual story was pretty piss poor. FFXIII got raked through the coals for its story, but at least its story was cohesive and complete, although confusing at first since they just threw you into the middle of it without much explanation, with the only similarity to FFXV terrible story being a lack of apparent motivations for the antagonists.

So, yeah, I think it's safe to pass judgement on the current game and DLC story for what they were, and not worry about what they should or could have added, because all they added was a way to monetize an game that was released incomplete.

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Godmars29026d ago (Edited 26d ago )

"Just let it should have been a complete game full of development and story at launch "


oh wait, you're serious.


(This is Square Enix you're asking of their "Showcase" IP after all...)

LegoIsAwesome26d ago

Played it in the Royal Edition. Liked it a lot. 9/10 for me man. They should had just delayed the game and made the "Royal Edition" as the base game. Sucks for those who played it at launch. I understand the hate as my bro played it at launch and watched me played the Royal Ed and was frustrated as how the game is as of 2018.

Good thing I waited.

ImportGamer300423d ago

I bought it day 1 and beat it only to realize the far better action rpg's released would be Tales of Berseria, and Nier Automata.

Harkins172126d ago

Fans of XV wanted more from the game. Those fans didnt want the game to die. Yes it was 65% complete but ill pick up the final version when its complete.

Unreal0126d ago

Yep. If you're a fan of a series you should never wish something to "die". Was it disappointing for some? Of course. But they have done a good job since release, and you can pick up The Royal Edition and Windows Edition for £15. That's now an amazing amount of content for the price.

rainslacker25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Sure, they did a good job since release. It's great for those that brought the Royal edition. But those of us who were dedicated enough to buy it closer to launch get rewarded with spending an extra $50 to get the whole story, and the back story.

To me, I'm only really forgiving of a game getting better over time if those improvements come in the form of free support for those that got screwed over if they brought early.

I'm a fan of Final Fantasy. But if FFXV died a horrible death, I'd be fine with that. Maybe it would show that releasing an incomplete game the way they did would not go over well with the fans. The fact they made more money off it because of them rushing out an incomplete game, and moving things over to DLC and a separate movie and anime series....which you also had to buy and had limited release just depressing, and to me, the fans who supported such practices are only setting themselves up to be fleeced in the future, or continue to be disappointed.

CDbiggen25d ago

Agreed. Possibly the most boring final fantasy ever.

ImportGamer300423d ago

it'd could've been so much better.

ImportGamer300423d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Nowadays when i watch the E3 2013 trailer on Youtube i cringe inside at how much Square effed up this game in its entirety from an incomplete story with plotholes that'll never be fixed cause the director feels it isn't important anymore to gameplay that looked so much better 3 years before the game was released but became a halfassed version of what it could potentially be.

Even Nier Automata has far better gameplay than FFXV, i wanted better out of the latest FF title only to be letdown.

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PhoenixUp26d ago

“The four upcoming character-focused pieces of DLC for FF15 will tie a bow on the game, and thus the entire Final Fantasy 13-centric Fabula Nova Crystallis project, once and for all.”

Didn’t Hajime Tabata already say that he wanted to disconnect and distance Final Fantasy XV from Fabula Nova Chystallis?

-Gespenst-26d ago

That's not what was meant by that sentence. It's saying that once XV is done, it'll be the end of everything FNC related. XV was FNC related when it was originally announced.

Having said that though, there is a Type-0 sequel in the works, so the writer obviously isn't aware of that.

Godmars29026d ago

"Having said that though, there is a Type-0 sequel in the works, so the writer obviously isn't aware of that."

Or Tabata wasn't, given the nature of what FF and FNC is and has become.

rainslacker25d ago

I don't even think FNC knew what it was supposed to be when it was concocted, and I'd be hard pressed to find a description of it from SE, or many fans who understand what it was supposed to be.

It certainly isn't anything coherent now though. I'd prefer a Type-0 sequel to FFXIII, because FFXV really doesn't need or deserve a sequel, and at least FFXIII had an interesting mythology and world surrounding it before they threw all that out the window for Lightning Returns.

Butters36026d ago

NICE. Keep it coming. Definitely want to see Ardyn's story and more of Lunafreya. Hopefully we'll see more of Gladious, Ignis, Prompto taking care of Insomnia and the rest of Eos like King Noctis wanted.

-Gespenst-25d ago

Sounds like at least the Lunafreya and Noctis episodes might be related, and also that they are basically a what-if scenario where Noctis takes a different path and survives somehow. I'm willing to bet we'll see that famous Versus XIII scene where he defends the Citadel from the Empire.

Butters36025d ago

I don't think these are going to be what-if's. Ardyn's supposed to be about his being Chosen and then shunned by the Crystal. Luna's are suppposed to be her side of events leading up to her death. I definitely see them adding in Versus XIII stuff.

-Gespenst-25d ago

Have you read the synopses for them though?

ShockUltraslash26d ago

Better we get this opposed to the VIIRemake.

Platformgamer26d ago

final fantasy 15, day one edition, is one of the worst anal fucks in gaming history.
thanks to tabata i'll skip final fantasy 16 when it exists and of course i'll not buying tabata involved games

Unreal0126d ago

Good for you. You showed them.

Sirk7x25d ago

Yeah, once I learned that they'd be adding story I stopped playing within a week of buying it at launch, and it's still not finished. I've lost all interest. That, and they couldn't seem to make it seamless within the game.

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