Insomniac: 'Spider-Man could very likely become our best-selling game'

Following Sony's announcement, Insomniac Games' Chief Brand Officer Ryan Schneider talks to us about Spider-Man's record-breaking launch.

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FallenAngel198425d ago

What was their best selling game prior?

DarkVoyager25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Which is why they should stick with making PlayStation games. Not only are they amazing they sell extremely well.

AspiringProGenji25d ago

Agreed. That’s where their fanbase is and most of their success is with PlayStation. It is not like they will lose much of their independence. Look at Naughty Dog, they take no orders from Sony. Insomniac with their long partnership could earn that as well

25d ago
MasterCornholio25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


Well if they see their best successes on PlayStation then maybe that’s the best option for them. Besides it’s not like you can’t play Insomniac developed games all you have to do is buy the platform that has them. And since most of their fans are on PlayStation that’s already covered.


It would be a lot worse for them to make their games exclusive to a platform that doesn’t contain the majority of their fans.


Well Sony does give them all the creative freedom that they desire so it’s not like the quality of their games would suffer if they produced them just for PlayStation.


If it helps grow the developer I don’t see why not. It’s not like they are unhappy with the way Spider-Man is selling. Heck even the last PlayStation exclusive from them did pretty well.

XabiDaChosenOne25d ago

Nobody cares what you want oliver

25d ago
MasterCornholio25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


Like I said maybe being dedicated to one platform is what’s best for them. If you look at the quality of their games the best ones have been exclusive to one platform. Some developers can produce excellent games on multiple platforms while others perform a lot better when they are dedicated to one.

Gamers should care more about the quality of the games that they produce rather than being multiplatform. None of Insomniac fans want to see them produce trash like Fuse ever again.

And your right that it isn’t about money for them. Otherwise they would have gone multiplatform with their titles instead of producing quality exclusives like Spider-Man for example.

25d ago
MasterCornholio25d ago


I never said that Insomniac should be bought by Sony. And your right that Insomniac knows what’s best for them which is why they sided with Sony to make Spider-Man. The reason why that happened was because Sony had a deal with Marvel that allowed Insomniac to make a superhero game of their choosing. With Sony as a publisher and with extremely good policies Insomniac was able to make the game that they wanted instead of a multiplatform game designed around what another publisher wanted like EA or Activision.

Insomniac like Quantic Dreams chose to make games exclusively for one platform because they believe that it would allow them to make the games that they want.

You have to respect Insomniac decisions to be an independent studio and make games exclusively for one platform. Which is something they have been doing lately and they made several quality titles like SSO, Ratchet and Clank and Spider-Man.

Araragifeels 24d ago

@MasterCornholio Actually Quantic Dream mentioned in a interview, " Asked if he’d like to take the relationship one step further and be fully owned by Sony Worldwide Studios, Cage said “of course I would. Of course. I really like Sony, honestly I do." So Quantic Dream most likely waiting for PlayStation to just ask.

Ninja_Ryu24d ago

I bet sunset overdrive would have sold better on PS4

AspiringProGenji24d ago

Insomniac ha sbeen locked in a platform for a long time already genius

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Definitely going to be their best.

TheVigilanteCode25d ago

I think one of the Resistance games (Resistance 2) or one of the earlier R&C games on PS2 sold more than the PS4 version, not sure.

trouble_bubble24d ago

Didn’t resistance 1 do almost 5 million?

TheVigilanteCode24d ago


My guess is that it should have done more, because it was bundled all the way till their discontinuation of the Fat PS3's, which was in 2009, when the slim released. But again, I don't have solid numbers.

elazz25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I'm not sure how Ratchet & Clank for PS4 sold but that's around 5m I guess. I believe that Spidey already surpassed that. Looking how the interview was done with the 3.3m announcement it seems more likely that if they had numbers the 2 week numbers it will have surpassed it.

SuperSonic9124d ago

Spider Man going exclusive to PS4 is the best thing that happened to Spider Man games period.

GaboonViper25d ago

Who remembers Disruptor on the PS1????, Insomniac are PS legends.

OtterX25d ago

That was my first Insomniac game & loved it! Funny enough, reading up on it now, Mark Cerny was the executive producer for Universal Games who gave them a chance to produce the game. It was originally built as a 3DO game, but with 3DO's lack of success, the options of the Saturn and Playstation were put on the table. Cerny led them to Playstation before he even was Playstation and that began their great relationship with the platform.

SuperSonic9124d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Also helped by Mark Cerny.
He has always been a consultant for Insomniacfrom yhe start to present.

What a gaming legend!

Fortunate Son

porkChop25d ago

They've been on a roll lately. Spiderman looks great, and their Oculus games have been great too. Can't wait to see what they do next.

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