PlayTM: LocoRoco 2 Preview

PlayTM writes: " Released back in 2006, the original LocoRoco was something of a novelty, a PSP game that had clearly been designed around the strengths of the system rather than trying to use it like a handheld PS2. It was also charming, surreal, loveable and bloody good fun to boot. Now with the imminent release of LocoRoco 2 it's time to take a peak and see what the good people at Sony have in store for us this time.

It seems that the evil Moja have returned and brought with them their own terrible songs which suck the life out of everything by creating dark clouds called Bunyo, and it's up to you and the LocoRocos to get rid of them. There's apparently a second plot strand that involves the mother of the first game's big boss turning Mui Muis into Bui Buis with her kisses, which sounds so delightfully odd it brings a little smile to my face just thinking about it."

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