New Devil May Cry 5 Concept Art Reveals Alternative Look For Dante, And More

Devil May Cry 5 sees the return of Dante to the series but an early iteration of the game had a completely different concept art for him

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william_cade28d ago

After the micro-transaction news, for a SINGLE player game, I don't care.

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william_cade28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Obviously it is not my loss, it's Capcom's - as I am not giving them 60 usd for a polished turd that is banking on my nostalgia.

Eiyuuou28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

"They purposely made the game grindy to push gamers to buy the upgrades."

Except you have no proof of this, and since it's innocent until proven guilty, you can sod right off.

You know a site has reached it's lowest point when bloody GAMEFAQS, off all sites, has less whining.

william_cade27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Jim Sterling has the response from Capcom on his youtube channel - that says they made the game grindy.

Sod right off hahahaah what a fucking loser

Harkins172127d ago

Tales of series has done this since Grace's F. And it's still been fun to play. Doesn't mean it's going to be grindy. Stop just making shit up

william_cade27d ago

Yeah, because people are going to pay cash for stuff that's easily gotten for free - try reading Capcom's response.

Ultr27d ago

seems like you never played a dmc ever before. maybe you should start playing and stop talking

william_cade27d ago

Played it-and they ruined it with Mega-man's arm (The first 3 Mega-Man's are great) and a micro-transaction grind. Too bad really - even more so all you that are defending micro-transactions and games developed around them.

Ultr27d ago

@william_cade Unless you played it hands on and can really talk from experience you are just bringing negativity to the comments. So obviously your opinion will not be well received.

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Segata28d ago

We got the right Dante this time.

81BX28d ago

Never played this series but I'll try this one

Segata27d ago

Start with the HD collection first (skip 2, that game is just..bad) as V has a lot of story elements you will miss. After the HD collection then goes with 4 and wait for 5.

kevinsheeks27d ago

it's amazing you have to argue with other game players for their benefit . . .they come with the same tired excuses you expect from executives . .as a consumer how could you be excited or in advocate for something that hurts you in the long run.

vork7727d ago

Concept Art should be alter costumes

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