Fable 2 Sells Over 350,000 Units in North America at Launch

Retailers report brisk Fable 2 sales, pointing toward massive first week sales. Fable 2 is now poised to break the 1,000,000 unit mark on opening week, worldwide.

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Lucreto3650d ago

Not bad at all.

My only complaint its vgcharts

cherrypie3650d ago

While I (generally) agree, VGchartz is useful when other information isnt available. Its not worthwhile to argue that vgchartz numbers have more authority than NDP or MediaChart, but without other information, its worthwhile to discuss.

That said, I dont think *anyone* expects anything less than stellar sales from Fable II. Its very highly anticipated, breaks a lot of new ground in the genre, looks fabulous, has great online-play and has been getting STELLAR reviews.

No one doubts that it will be a massive seller.

3650d ago
elshimiablo3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Ofcourse the game will sell good but not 350k on opening day
I still believe the game will do 1m worldwide in its launch month
But thats about it

since it is not an AAA -89% at metacritic

Fable 2 is AA but not an AAA

However the game will sell 500k max worldwide at launch and 1m -1.5m lifetime

Megatron083650d ago

btw its a 9.0 score not 8.9 and it only so low cause of bitter sony fanboys.

Hey if the can use the excuse for lil big crap why not use it for 360 games too

3650d ago
elshimiablo3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Fable 2 is AA but not an AAA

the game will sell a max of 500k units worldwide at launch
1m-1.5m lifetime

@person below
Ratchet is 89% at meta too.
But lets face it . 89% is not AAA. Uncharted is 88% too

All those games are AA but not AAA

LBP is an AAA game --95% at metacritic

MiloGarret3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

It actually is at 89 right now, and that is based on official reviews not user-set scores which is the issue with lbp.

0.1p or 1% to differentiate triple a's from the rest? That is incredibly silly and you are nothing but a delusional kiddie fanboy. Fable 2 is an aaa game, I don't find it interesting at all, and you won't let yourself be interested in it because you're afraid Sony might give you a call and threaten to kill your family, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a great game.

EDIT: I consider both the games you apparently claim are not aaa as such as well, 0.1-0.2p or 1-2% is not an accurate dividing line between "good" games and "average" games. This Metacritic obsession is ridiculous considering how un-objective and unprofessional reviews are.

Rick Astley3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Lool @ Megaton.

Fable 2 is at 89% on Meta and those are OFFICIAL reviews, not user. Nice try though. :)

Where are your AAA games this year? You 360 fanatics used Metacritic a lot last year but where is it this year? Nothing to show us? Oh wait that's right, Microsoft is focusing on bringing mediocre JRPG's to Americans. I almost forgot, my bad.

MiloGarret3650d ago

This has nothing to do with anything, but how the hell did mr elshimietc go from 6 bubbles to ONE in 5 minutes? Or is there something wrong with the page or something?

JOLLY13650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I sure am glad that people are helping to get rid of nasim's little accounts. No one wants that person on this site. I don't mind if you prefer one console to another, but he is ridiculous! What is this, his 15th account? Thank you everyone for helping get rid of another one of his accounts. Awwwww :( looks like nasim signed into all of his accounts go give him bubbles.....what a sad little kid.

gaffyh3650d ago

Most likely these sales are Fable 1 fanboys that have been waiting for the game for years. If you've never played Fable before and you're thinking of getting this game, think twice, cos it's a Love it or Hate it kinda game.

I expect 1-2million worldwide sales, mostly in US, don't think it will do as well in Japan.

Megatron083650d ago

Well last I had check Fable 2 was still 90 not 89 so yea I was wrong. Like I said bitter ps3 fanboys are bringing the score down. Oh and just cause its an "offical" review doesnt mean it isnt writen by some bitter ps3 fanboy its not like they dont have sites and dont write reviews. In fact isnt their a site call psfanboy or something like that ?

Plus Fable 2 reviewers are from an incomplete game. They didnt have the co op working till the day the game came out. If it had of had co op for the reviews it easily have a score of 95 even with all the bitter ps3 fanboys.

No Way3650d ago

"and 1m -1.5m lifetime" Are you kidding me!? Lol. That's funny.

Bangladesh3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Any reviewer that gave Fable 2 below a 9, is a bold faced liar or they didn't do anything but the main quest. If you haven't played the game long enough to notice that the seasons change, then you haven't been playing long enough. Either way, they are wrong, Fable 2 is 9.5-10 material.

Bzone243650d ago

I guess Fable 2 is now AAA since it just hit 90 at metacritic.

The Makr3649d ago

1UP - Rated: 100 out of 100.

"Fable 2 is filled with more great ideas than the last 10 years of "Final Fantasy" combined."

Put that in your AAA pipe and smoke it.

Don't be jealous, just buy the arcade so you can play it and the non gimped Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2.

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Arsenal4Ever3650d ago

Ahem.. vg chartz.... good numbers if true but this is vgchartz not NPD or ChartGFK.

NaiNaiNai3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

i was expecting the game to sell good but even as a fable fan, i wasnt expecting it to sell that well. >.> good to know theres alot of people who want to play this AAA title(AAA acording to xplay, the only review that matters to me.)

(hmm sony fanboys cant say much about the game at the moment, it has a 9.0 average thus making it a AAA acording to there rules. XD)

elshimiablo3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Plus these are Vgcrap numbers which are Fake

wait for NPD numbers

Fable 2 -89% at meta

so AA but not AAA . plus these are Fake numbers

Pennywise3650d ago

What do you think will happen? Xbox fans are craving exclusives - They have no good ones.

NaiNaiNai3650d ago
according to N4G all sites together gives a average 9/10 so it is AAA, >.> nice try though.

NaiNaiNai3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

ive been getting PM from elshimiablo saying that this game is not a AAA because N4G doesnt count, because its based on user reviews.

as we all know Little big planet has gotten some really bad user reviews. so if this was true it wouldn't have a 97 would it. >.> so again his point is wrong.

i dont see why hes trying so hard to prove that its not a AAA titles when its proven right in the link i submited earlier that N4G gives it the score to suit it.

(odd i could have sworn that i put this in my edit post.)
(elshimiablo has gotten really mad at me XD hes starting to call me a Xbot in his PM's.)

JOLLY13650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

he is a sad little kid. Now that he is down to one bubble, you will never see that account again. He will just start a new account later today. Then we will all have to go through the trouble of taking another one of his accounts away. This kid has been banned from almost every other website around. Now he just sits on here all day. Just to show you how lame he is, go to his account. He signed up barely 3 days ago and already has over 140 posts. He tries to act like he is new for about 5 minutes, then he goes and passes the contributor test and tried to block all submissions he doesn't like.

NaiNaiNai3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

one last post for me, XD
elshimiablo keeps telling me that since the game got a 89% on meta its a AA title and the its a BAD game, meaning it sucks >.> is it just me or is it just me or is he lossing more credibility XD.
OMFG someone just threw a whole bunch of candy bars at me, im not j/king either.

true it would seem that way XD

(THIS JUST IN elshimiablo says Xplay doesnt count for a score.)

JOLLY13650d ago

He never had credibility!

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^_^3650d ago

||it is a shame the game is not AAAA||

Deadman643650d ago

Since you made a negative comment, and you ABS value'd it, You said it IS AAAA right??

360 man3650d ago


elshimiablo3650d ago

Plus the game flopped

not AAA at metacritic

These are Vgchartz numbers

wait for NPD

GMR_PR3650d ago

@ elshimiablo

How the hell you got that many bubbles? So going by your logic almost every PS3 exclusive is a flop.

Pennywise3650d ago

We are busy with LBP, R2 beta and Socom.

You guys talk about PSN online, how about Fable Coop- LOLZERS.

Rick Astley3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Lol @ GMR. How many 360 EXCLUSIVES (exclusive of course means that they are ONLY available on that platform) are ABOVE 90% on Meta?

Mass Effect = Also available on PC = Multi-platform.
BioShock = Also available on PC and PS3 = Multi-platform.
Gears of War = Also available on PC = Multi-platform.

That leaves one. Halo 3.

PS3 already has two. MGS4 (94%) and LBP (95%). And to think the Xbreak Plzfixme launched all the way back in 2005. :)

GMR_PR3650d ago

@ ^^^

I see you are using all you accounts today. You see I wasn't saying 360 had more exclusives, i was saying that going by your logic almost every PS3 exclusive is a flop. Let me know if you can't understand this time what i'm saying, so i can explain it to you a little more.

nonAsianDroid3650d ago

Just cause you wanted fable 2 to flop doesnt mean it did moron. fable 2 is already a hit.

just accept it stop crying droid

Bzone243650d ago

Mass Effect = NOT on the ps3
Gears of War = NOT on the ps3
Forza Motorsports 2 = NOT on the ps3
Halo 3 = NOT on the ps3
Braid = NOT on the ps3
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 = NOT on the ps3

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