The Last of Us Outbreak Day Set for Next Week, Here's a Sneak Peek at What's Coming

Here's a sneak peek at what Naughty Dog has planned for Outbreak Day this year!

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neomahi53d ago

Great.... Below the article is a link titled "7 Actors You Didn't Know Were Gay" DAMN YOU NAUGHTY DOG! You were one of, if not my favorite developers for so long but what happens when you let Druckman take the reigns and run Naughty Dog? That's right Wells, you lost your seat. Balestra was kicked out, Straley was chased off and Druckman runs rhe kennel and what happens then? Sony doesn't think, they see some money but can't see the overall picture. Naughty Dog have become too friggin political and it's gonna come back to bite em in the butt, that can destroy companies and this is a good start, even Microsoft haven't sunk this low. There's no reason, Druckman, to be like this and go out of your way to piss people off, at least it was subtle in The Last of Us, but you just couldn't help yourself and ruin the game, good job. Well, on to Sucker Punch, would've expected this from a Seattle developer but Sucker Punch have it together, you don't. Mark my words Naughty Dog some day, some day you'll reap what you sew.

Nyxus53d ago

Talk about overreacting. Well, your loss.

Silly gameAr53d ago

Is this satire? Gave me a pretty good laugh.

Atticus_finch53d ago

You sound triggered.
I recommend you jump in a tub full of ice.

Prince-Ali53d ago

bro i beg you just shut up man *sigh* ¬__¬

jc1253d ago

This is the kind of nonsense I was referencing in my comments earlier this week...

william_cade53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

It wasn't too subtle in the DLC. Ellie's sexual preference (like it even matters) is very explicit. You should have played the DLC, then you wouldn't have been surprised that your once favorite studio made a game that has a gay character.

DigitalHope52d ago

What you saw was a targeted add, which I think is the internet trying to tell you something.

excaliburps52d ago

Was just going to say that. LOL!

stonecold352d ago

What this got to do with Microsoft get your rubbish out of here and troll
Else where

URNightmare52d ago

This comment got me confused af! Wtf was that all about???

conanlifts52d ago

One of your favourite eh. Shame you never actually played all of TLOU then. If so you would know this is just a continuation of the DLC.

Howardr00752d ago

Look at how many dislikes 🤣🤣.. this just shows how blind the world is to forced perception and thinking . The guys right.. yet you will all scoff and ignore it until its forced down your throat until you love it ...enjoy!

Nyxus52d ago

You so smart. Where did you get your tinfoil hat btw?

T2X52d ago

That ad or whatever you saw is not from ND. Don't be such an overreactive choad.

The_Sage52d ago

WTF was that crazy rant about?

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Smokehouse53d ago

I like how Ellie is in front of the icons for the theme. That’s slick but probably not a theme I would use.

Howardr00753d ago

Notice how there is no white guys . Political gooeyness will finish us off ..evolution to devolution .

supes_2452d ago

No, I didn’t notice. I wasn’t “looking” for a reason to be racist. I’ve grown up and look pass these “problems” that people like you create. Bye bye now, grow up please.

Nyxus52d ago

Why are you so insecure?

Kingdomcome24752d ago

I'm getting the theme. I love how the icons scroll behind Ellie. Man, I cannot wait for this game.

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