LBP 1.02 Patch Sorts Out Dodgy Song

EuroGamer writes:

"This one does neuter Tourmani Diabaté's song "Tapha Niang", silencing the two lyrics borrowed from the Qur'an, putting the game into the state it will presumably be when you all get hold of it in two weeks' time. In actual fact, it removes the entire vocal track, leaving a pleasant instrumental."

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Lucreto3700d ago

I hope they rework the vocals removing the "offensive" words and put the vocals back in.

whoelse3700d ago

Im glad they at least left the soundtrack minus the vocals in. It will be a little reminder of how people are too sensitive to such minor things and spoil it for the rest of us ;)

Darkseider3700d ago

Censorship due to religous pressure! Next week we are burning books! YAY!

/sarcasm off

thor3700d ago

I have a strong feeling that it is often racists who propagate this kind of thing. Just think of all the hate towards Muslims that this could potentially cause when coupled with dozens of other examples. There is a sense of fear about it, as though we don't know what's acceptable and so would rather play it safe and separate ourselves from the Muslim community altogether.

butterfinger3700d ago

You point the finger at racism, but I thought that being a Muslim meant you were affiliated with the religion of Islam, not a certain race.

R2-JD3700d ago

My thought on this whole issue:

For the people involved that are offended that those prhases were used in a song, don't buy the game. If I am offended by something in a game, movie, song, book ,or whatever, I just simply don't purchase the item. I don't complain about it and create mayhem. With so much questionable material out there in so many mediums, these phrases from one religous group are the least of peoples worries.

Personally I think that this whole thing is a farce and should in no way have affected the release of this game. The game should have still gone out and the patch that is out now should have been enough to fix it.


thor3700d ago

OK yeah maybe racism is the wrong word, maybe religious discrimination is better. But you see my point.

butterfinger3700d ago

Yeah, I gotcha.

@ R2-JD - I totally agree with you. Aren't people constantly offended by games like GTA?

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Pennywise3700d ago

This song is pretty cool. I hope they keep some of the vocals - Song fits great with the board.