Are Spider-Man's NPCs as Amazing as Spidey?

Insomniac Games realized it is not just Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, that makes the comic great. It is also the other characters who play important parts in his life along the way.

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Lynx020730d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I played 5 hours and to be honest I can't stand Peter's attitude. I really hate spiderman, he is like some spoiled brat and he is making stupid jokes all the time. I don't know, maybe I'm too old for this. But I knew what I was buying, the game may be great (for fans), I'm done with it.
Other characters? Well as far as I saw, they are paper-thin comic characters with zero personality. As soon as someone appear on the screen, you knew what will happen to him. But again, maybe I am wrong and they evolve later?

sprinterboy30d ago

I'm not a fan of spiderman in general, but the games in my top 10 of all time now, plus the jokes were hilarious from start to finish and I'm 42yrs old.

Lynx020730d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Just as I said, it all depends on the private taste. I think the swinging mechanic is perfect, the fighting was pretty nice, if you like the spidey comics, you may even like the story. Just not my cup of tea - I completely cannot "fill" this character, c'mon he can't even pay his rent bill on time, what is wrong with him? And yeah, you are a few years older than me, but I don't think it matters here.

Welshy30d ago

That's the whole point. He's nervous and mumbles etc as himself, Peter Parker because he's more vulnerable.

Where as when he is in the suit he is able to use all his powers, his identity is masked so he and his friends/family are less at risk so he can be more outgoing and show confindence.

You seem to have a misunderstanding of the basic character traits of Spiderman which clearly effect you perception and enjoyment of the game.

Lynx020730d ago

Yes, I know. For me it would be much better if he just keep his mouth shut. And I know It is only my perception but maybe it is worth to tell it because maybe there are more people like me who are looking for amazing game but don't like Spidey at all and now are on the edge if this game is for them.

trouble_bubble30d ago

“because maybe there are more people like me”

There’s not. I don’t even know what I’m reading LOL.

Can’t pay the rent but he’s a spoiled brat? You can’t “fill” this character? Fill him with what? Pagan who? If you lived in a comic book you would be a villain? What does your age or knowing Peter in real life have to do with GOW and Catherine or, LOL! It’s not an English thing. It’s a WTF thing.

CrimsonWing6930d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Spoiled brat? Ummmm I think you might be playing a different game. Peter comes off as the nicest dude in this game who just constantly gets hit with bad luck, but what I find great about that is that he pushes on and has a strong attitude about it and even helps those around him experiencing similar issues.

His jokes aren’t even that bad and in the 5 hours of gameplay you played who has paper thin characterization? I was actually surprised at how well crafted most everyone was in this game aside from some enemies down the line... which really isn’t an issue since they aren’t a focus.

Like you must give up on a lot of games because quite frankly there are very few that have Spider-Man’s level of characterization. At times it feels like Naughty Dog level kind of characters.

Lynx020730d ago

"who has paper thin characterization?" MJ, Wilson Fisk, Martin Li. (Just another good/bad motivators for Spidey, no real characters at all. Are they deeper later?) There is more personality in Joker or Pagan Min that in all of them together. But again - I don't like spiderman comics.
You are right, I give up on a lot of games because there is often something that make me lost interest. I'm too old to play anything just to finish it. And for me it was nowhere near Naughty Dog.
Is Peter "nicest dude"? Maybe, it is all personal. He is just not the dude I would like to know in person - yeah, I know, there is possibility that if I lived in that universe I would become some minor villain.

Lynx020730d ago

I see I was misunderstood and even got some hate-priv-messages. I am sorry for that, maybe because of my bad english. I am not hating PS4 exclusives as general, I only don't understand why some games have so much hype. For example GoW was amazing game but the story was so poor It is nowhere near many present days story-driven games.
I don't like Spiderman as a character and the comics series (I am rather Batman fan), not the game as whole. I am still waiting for Spyro (first game I played on PS), Catherine remake (one of the best games on PS3) and The Last of Us 2 (the first one was amazing). Most of the hyped games nowadays are nothing special but PS4 still has the best exclusives imo.

PhantomS4230d ago

Read a comic dude, Spidy makes jokes when he's beating up the baddies

CarlDechance30d ago

"I really hate spiderman"

Then you should not have bought the game. It really is that simple.

Hungryalpaca30d ago

Well you sound like someone I’d never invite to a party.

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CaitSith30d ago

Sable was an incompetent bitch. Everyone else was fine.