Is Capcom’s Future Changing?

Things are changing at Capcom, but it's hard to tell what that means just yet.

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FallenAngel1984121d ago

If only MvC:I was treated with as much reverence instead of feeling like a cash grab

Movefasta1993119d ago

MVCI has amazing gameplay, is it really their fault if Disney didn't want characters like Magneto and Wolverine in the game? Was Capcom really to blame? The terrible graphics is on them 100% tho, mvc3 had a way better art style

thatguyhayat119d ago

Well now Disney has the rights back. Im sure they wont have an excuse if they decide to make a new one

BlaqMagiq1119d ago

It is Capcom's fault because developers told the press they have access to anyone in the Marvel universe, including the X-Men. They didn't include them then tried to come up with the excuse that "No one remembers the X-Men. They're just functions anyway."

nihun119d ago

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FallenAngel1984119d ago

@ Move

Even Capcom’s side of the roster was completely underwhelming compared to MvC3’s Capcom side of the roster.

Not to mention that many other elements felt very unpolished. MvC3 took 3 years to develop after Capcom required the Marvel license again in 2008 they only took 1 year to develop this game after requiring the Marvel license again in 2016 and it shows.

Seraphim119d ago

I really don't remember MvC3 so I could be wrong but... wasn't it built using the MT Framework they were using at the time? The engine they used for Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet, etc. Where as the latest edition probably used the SFV engine making it much easier since all they had to do is develop the worlds and create the characters. Perhaps that was a portion of the problem. They just used a copy/paste method and didn't spend enough time polishing it or setting it apart. Obviously the lackluster doesn't help but... My point is when there's a good engine and program in place it's relatively easy for a developer to create a game in one year.

SuperSonic91120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Looking Out My Backdoor , just make another great Monhan sequel on PS4 and they will do good. Bring all your great games on PS4.
Ask Insomniac's help for MVC

PhantomS42119d ago

2.5D very hold your hand Megaman, microtransactions on everything including DMC5. Their Future is looking grim.

PapaBop119d ago

I'd say it's certainly looking far more encouraging than in the past but it's a bit premature to be singing their praises just yet.

Shinox119d ago

Current Capcom is westernized and have no passion or respect to their past or to the people that worked for them
they are officially out of my book , the Japanese passion is gone .. now its all westernized crap

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