Warriors Orochi 4 Dev Hopes PS5 And Next Xbox Won’t Be Costly In Relation To Their Performance

It’s a pretty sensible request, too.

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DarkVoyager28d ago

“Warriors Orochi 4 Dev Hopes PS5 And Next Xbox Won’t Be Costly In Relation To Their Performance“

Basically everyone’s wish. How is this news?

danny81828d ago

I honestly wouldn’t mind having the next gen be super expensive as long as great ip’s, creativity, and graphics blow me outs of the water. This get was good but honestly not the best. I haven jumped on the pro nor 1 because next gen is a couple of years away at this point

Pinkamena_Diane_Pie28d ago

Screw mind blowing "Graphics". Give me mind blowing AI and mechanics that make a game deep and interesting, and a story that's not so shallow that a child could figure it out.

blackblades28d ago

Why not both, I know the last of us 2 ai was amazing from the looks of it and the characer motion. Games would be more fun, deep, interesting and challenging. Dynasty warriors could use it tbh.

danny81827d ago

Can be achieved by more space and ram no?

NXFather27d ago

How much is super expensive. $600.00, $800.00, $1000.00?

danny81827d ago

To me it’s $600-$800 like ps3 and 360. Tbh last gen was so great. Great ips, graphics.... something I think this gen lacks. That wow factor.

Teflon0228d ago

Everyone agrees. But They're the last ones I want to hear It from seeing they can't even use the power of this Gen properly, so they wouldn't be the ones anyone needs to worry about seeing next Gen will probably still look bad for those games. Even though they're fun

RevXM28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Developers who doesnt make the prettiest game now probably wont make them next gen either. For the most part, unless they have some sort of an internal shakeup or invest in better tools and engines at least.

Not every game will have the visual prowess or polish like naughty dog games typically have had, but I would wager that polish and fun should be something to strive for. Many games are fun and unique and if they are polished enough I keep on playing them.

Godmars29028d ago


(yeah, it is funny that a dev that's never really pushed hardware performance is hoping for decent hardware performance. More so in the long wake of chasing after specs caused a "mini" industry crash.)