The Many Offensive Things in Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

Mostly racist stuff, with some sexism and others thrown in for good measure.

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masterfox30d ago

haha that was actually pretty funny, seriously if you get offended and get mad by that well sorry for saying this but you are part of the reasons why this world is going nuts without any reason.

bjjcna29d ago

And this is exactly why Howie Mandel says comedy is hurting because of PC culture.

Smokehouse29d ago

Well I’m not clicking on that site anymore...

salmonade29d ago

Oh poor you. Your safe space bubble was penetrated when you played this game? Oh I'm just so sorry for you man. I hope you can find the will to recover from this harrowing experience. If we had more people like you making our games then the world would just be a better place to live and play games in. I hope that one day games can not be offensive to a single person on earth in any way, shape or form. No one deserves to be offended over anything, ever. We must protect everyone from any different opinion, point of view or any kind of offensive jokes. I'm just trying not to cry here. I'm so upset.

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