Jump Force Beta Sign Ups Now Live, Check Out the 4 New Characters, Season Pass & Collector's Edition

Bandai Namco’s anime mash-up fighting game Jump Force will have a closed beta! This was announced by the publisher in a press release, which also announced a set of new characters, the game’s Season Pass, and even the high-priced Collector’s Edition.

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-Foxtrot25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

That collectors edition looks really nice...

Why is it a game like this can get an awesome statue but something like Kingdom Hearts 3 can't get something similar...I mean sure there's a bundle on the Square Enix store but again, it's a bundle not an official CE

thatguyhayat24d ago

SE is is known for that. The collectors edition for ff NT was rediculous for that price as well as nier automata. Kingdom hearts 3 steelbook is just meh. KH die hards attacked me real hard when i said the price for so little doesn't justify it at all

-Foxtrot24d ago

It’s ridiculous

You’d think the long anticipated last game in the trilogy would give the game a massive well worth it edition but seems slapped together.

The steelbook for the 1.5/2.5 HD remix collectors edition was amazing aswell

Fullmetalevolust24d ago

I honestly just signed up for it yesterday just I could play as Uremashi :) I hope he's included as well as other Yu Yu Hakusho fighters, wish there was a dedicated game just for them.