Red Dead Redemption 2 Could Be The Best RPG You Never Expected

From PlayStation Universe: "With a recent Red Dead Redemption 2 preview event in the bag, the floodgates have now opened and details have been pouring out faster than folks can scribble about them. Of all the new bits of information however, it’s the revelation that Rockstar Games hotly anticipated sequel will have a cornucopia of RPG systems underpinning its action which proves to be the most unexpected."

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BadElf29d ago

I've been eating sooo many corn muffins and grits getting ready for this game

jznrpg29d ago

Loved the first game . I expect to at least really like this one

Elda29d ago

This game is not my anticipated game for the remainder of the year because I never had any interest in the first game.I have a few on my list that are releasing in the next 3 months that are my priority but I will say that from reading up on RDR2 & seeing some of the latest trailers I may try the game out & buy the game if it's on sale Black Friday if not I'll buy later on down the line to see what the big hoopla is about when it comes to this game.

EazyC29d ago

I don't think you'll like it if you didn't like the first game. Honestly, it's like saying you might buy GT Sport despite having no interest in driving games.

Elda29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

In my comment I stated I didn't have any interest to play the first game not that I didn't like it because I've never played it. Again...I've watched recent trailers & read different articles about the gameplay which seems somewhat interesting to me,so I may try the game out later on down the line,it's just not on my top game list to buy in the coming months unless the cost is marked down on Black Friday.

81BX28d ago

You didnt have any interest because it didnt appeal to you. It's the same type of game. This won't appeal to you either

fonduktoe29d ago

Wow. Cool. I would love updates on your game purchasing practices cause it's incredibly interesting.

Elda29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

That's why on this site we can make comments may you agree or not.

pody29d ago

Oh shit. It's an RPG now? That's cool.

NecrumOddBoy29d ago

The original one had a karma system and such. The lines are blending in games nowadays anyway

Rimeskeem29d ago

Rockstar gonna start rivaling Bethesda with RPG elements?

Jared250026d ago

Hopefully. Competition would be good for both of them

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The story is too old to be commented.