Xboxist: Velvet Assassin Environment Preview

Xboxist writes: "Environmental features are an important part of any modern game experience. As anyone who has played the recent EA scare-fest Dead Space knows, a skilled team of developers can create an effective atmosphere of terror using only subtle details. The crew over at Replay Studios have taken this notion to heart, and they have worked very hard to make sure that their upcoming stealth game Velvet Assasin immerses players in a dark and frightening wartime environment. Velvet Assassin follows the travails of Violette Summer, as she re-lives her role as a secret agent behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany. The game places a heavy emphasis on stealth, as Violette is vastly outnumbered by the German forces. Gamers will only have their wits and an arsenal of stealthy weapons to confront the Nazo horde and with any luck, make it out with their lives.

We were recently given the opportunity to hear more about the various levels that players will face in the upcoming Velvet Assassin. Replay Studios shared information about two specific stages in the game, both of which will take place deep behind enemy lines."

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