Top 15 Best PS1 Games of All Time

The PS1 is one of the best-selling games consoles of all time, and for a good reason: It had some truly excellent games on it.

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SegaGamer80d ago

This pet peeve of mine is growing more and more. You don't need to keep putting "of all time" in the title of your articles. Whenever I see it, it puts me right off the rest of whatever it is you have written.

Gardenia80d ago

Twinfinite slides again. You can simply put it on one page

aarogree80d ago

And make it long and unwieldy?

This is the lesser of two evils.

thorstein80d ago

Don't be an idiot.

15+ Slides is unwieldy. Put it on 3 or less.

aarogree80d ago

5 pictures to a slide? Now that's unwieldy. And probably not possible.

jannytime80d ago

This is a really good list.

Imortus_san80d ago

So many RPG's and no Final Fantasy Tactics, no Xenogers, bad list.

brando00880d ago

Haven't opened a twinfinite article in a long time, since they constantly look at any topic they can create a list from, spread across multiple ad-filled pages. No integrity at all to be found here.