Fortnite gets sub region matchmaking, Close Encounters is back

As the mysterious cube reached Loot Lake and painted it purple, Epic Megagames announced the return of Close Encounters LTM and the launch of Fortnite's sub region matchmaking for Southeast Asia, which is a region soft-lock of sorts.

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28d ago
Jinger28d ago

How about a new map? Or vehicles? Or some new content besides skins and dances?

Uken1228d ago

They added Golf Carts and the Suction Cup gun this season. A bike would be cool. but what kind of vehicles do you expect. Also they changed the map fairly often and made a huge change last season. Also this new season coming up seems like it will bring some Snow type of area into the map.

They don't technically need a new map, they could modify the current map more.

I think they need to focus more on balance and fixing the guns. Every update something goes whack. Shotguns are useless for me, 7hp pump all of the time. But then I die in one shot. It makes the game annoying and not fun. The tactical shotgun now takes nothing, why use a shotgun if it's normally taking 17-25hp and an SMG takes more with each bullet. Pretty stupid. You can kill yourself with one rocket and have it not be near you but a rocket next to an enemy only takes half their life and has no blast radius.

They need to fix the weapon mechanics and controls on console.