Dying Light 2 is Not a Zombie Game - According to Techland

From the studio and team that first brought us Dead Island, when Dying Light launched in 2015 many still felt that at its core it was still a zombie game. Open word, full of quests and crafting and a story - but still very combat heavy. Dying Light 2 is looking to shake things up, where expanding its world, lore, and narrative ambition - it can no longer be classified as 'a zombie game'.

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Lynx020731d ago

Because during the day you don't encounter zombie so often. That reasoning is stupid. It still is zombie game.

JohnnyPremo31d ago

I think they are saying that cause people will cry that there are not enough zombies and its false advertisement if they call it a zombie game. Cant make anything now a days without people losing there shit. Its pathetic.

nucky6431d ago

you are SOOOOO right, johnny.

Kane2231d ago

im not liking this whole player choice mess...

william_cade31d ago

Would anyone recommend the first one? I haven't played it.

P_Bomb31d ago

Yes! Get the Following enhanced edition. One of the best biggest expansions I’ve ever played. Seriously, Following: enhanced. Yes yes yes.

nucky6431d ago

it's a game that shouldn't be missed. "the following" dlc is kick-butt too.

gangsta_red31d ago

Definitely get the first one. If possible play with some friends too.

Minute Man 72131d ago

@ Gangsta
I got my son a copy so we can play together and all he plays is fortnite. Bumber 😮😮

gangsta_red31d ago

Lmao! Dude, Fortnite has taken over the youth. Don't feel bad, I used to also have social interactions with my son before Fortnite.

Silly Mammo31d ago

I bought it over the summer and had a blast with it and the expansion.

Highlife31d ago

One of the best coop games I have played with my wife

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thepatientgamer31d ago

...want to play a zombie game?

nucky6431d ago

well, considering in the first game there were zombies EVERYWHERE during the day, i hope they'll explain (in the narrartive) why there are no longer lots of zombies roaming during the day.

gangsta_red31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Didn't they get the cure in the first one? It's been so long I forgot how it ended exactly.

P_Bomb31d ago (Edited 31d ago )


Something along the lines of: Antigen is running out in Harran, Camden’s attempts at a cure fail, Kyle goes to the countryside following a lead but ultimately discovers there is no cure. So you get a choice. Nuke Harran to stop the spread (die) or try to escape back to Harran (die), succumbing to the mother’s infection and turning into a Volatile/Hunter class zombie, spreading the virus outside the quarantine zone. No happy endings here!

nucky6431d ago

it wasn't a cure, was it? i thought it was something to keep the uninfected from catching the bug. i'm not sure though.

nucky6430d ago

yea, i'm not sure. see my comment below - that's how i thought it played out.

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