GR: RDR2 hands-on: 'I'm ready to kiss goodbye to 2018… and probably the rest of my life'

Games Radar: We've spent hours with Rockstar's hotly-anticipated sequel, and it's clear we're all saddling up for very unique journeys.

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Nu31d ago

Seriously this 🐐. If you think this game is boring I feel sorry for you. I don't know how Rockstar continue to create beautiful open worlds but I'm glad they do. I'd like them to create a medical setting open world Witcher style.

jimbost7931d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Yea with loads of hospitals and doctors surgeries! Or did you mean medieval lol

mibewewonu31d ago

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xHeavYx31d ago

" If you think this game is boring I feel sorry for you.
Says someone who's not played the game yet.
Not saying it won't be good, I loved the first one, I just find this type of comment funny, in a non funny way.

T2X30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It's called an educated guess or extrapolation. I haven't tried it either, but I'm more than a little certain it will be incredible. See, we can pretty much anticipate that the game will be enjoyable upon nothing more than having played the previous incredible games they've made and therefore come to a reasonable conclusion that we will most likely enjoy it. Unless you don't like westerns at all.

Nacho_Z30d ago

It would certainly be interesting to see them tackle an open world RPG whether it be medieval or not. They've got the storytelling chops to make it work. I get the feeling that they might be interested in doing an RPG.

SkippyPaccino31d ago

Hopefully I'll be done Spider-Man a couple of weeks before this comes out (and can play a new game in between) because going from a full octane game to a slower pace will feel like a drag. Kinda happend to me when I went from Horizon to Zelda. I know Zelda is the darling of the gaming media, but if you played Horizon before Zelda, you couldn't help but think that Zelda was slow & uninspiring. (I finished both games, don't crucify me)

Can't wait for Red dead redemption 2, hopefully they'll let us bear hunt together again online (it wasn't a mode, It was just a fun thing my buddy and I did... It seemed the more you killed the crazier the bears became lol)

ISHU29d ago

Horizon and Zelda are different games though. Calling it "slow and uninspiring" just cause it didn't feel like the other game doesn't makes it bad. It's still a fantastic game.

TedCruzsTaint31d ago

Well, the GTA 5 port was fantastic and sold very, very well.
So, I mean, if that's your prerogative; go for it. But you're losing sales.

Skankinruby31d ago

Lord here we go again, everyone's on rockstars nuts already. We'll see, I'm sure it's a technical marvel, but let's hope the campaign wasn't a meaningless bore fest like the first one.

EazyC31d ago

If you genuinely thought that about the first one then I would hold no hope for RDR 2.

King_Noctis30d ago

“let's hope the campaign wasn't a meaningless bore fest like the first one.”

Good grief some people.

chiefJohn11731d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Still want a black guy dlc, perfect setting for a unique to gaming, original story. It's like gaming is scared to go that route. They'd have to filter certain language

red2tango30d ago

Oh look, another social justice warrior that wants to rewrite history. Because that worked out so well for EA...

gangsta_red30d ago

Re-write history? There were no black people in the western days in the United States?

No Way30d ago

I'm sure there were, as were Asians.. who were slaves. You want to play as a slave? Unless you went around killing almost, literally, everyone.. I don't they a black character would make it far in a game like this. Maybe some type of stealth game, escaping to the north.

chiefJohn11730d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Dude wtf are you talking about? Lol wtf does ea have to do with this anyway? Btw idk ea was a history teacher I thought they made games

CarlDechance30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

So you are wanting Django: the game basically?

gangsta_red30d ago

Yes, because that's the only story that can be told using African Americans in a western.

CarlDechance30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

No, but it fits his description and I was asking him a question. What is your problem?

LiViNgLeGaCY30d ago

Dude, he has a lot of problems, if you hadn't noticed. One being nobody likes him.

chiefJohn11730d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yes or something else with a similar objective. Not everything has to be space related.

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