Yuji Horii on the legacy of Dragon Quest

Before Dragon Quest 11 hit stores earlier this month, over eight years had passed since the last major DQ released in the West. Sure, there were spinoffs, mobile games and re-releases in the interim. But even in Japan, the only numbered DQ game was an MMO that started in 2012. To say Western fans had been waiting a long time for a new, proper Dragon Quest adventure would be an understatement.

So for series creator Yuji Horii and his team, Dragon Quest 11’s Western release was a big deal. And to promote the international release, Horii embarked on a rare, cross-country tour of Europe and America.

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PhoenixUp124d ago

Square Enix should localize the Dragon Quest I-III PS4 ports they released last year.

In fact speaking of legacy, does beating the localized version of DQXI get you DQI for free like it was in Japan?