No Final Fantasy 8 On Switch: Here's Why

So many Final Fantasy games coming to the Nintendo Switch! Click here to find out why, despite its popularity, Final Fantasy 8 remains missing!

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FallenAngel198428d ago

“They saw how the Final Fantasy name did not get big until they moved it to a futuristic setting.”

Final Fantasy was still relatively a big name on NES(singlehandedly saved an entire company from bankruptcy) and even moreso on SNES(FFIV left a huge impact on the RPG genre in regards to its storytelling). However FFVII isn’t what kicked it into the stratosphere.

“Heck, even the ports of FF8 on PS3 and PSP were ports of the PC version. Not the PS1.”

FFVIII on PSN is an emulated version of the PS1 version just like every other PS1 game on the service.

Neonridr28d ago

shame they can't just give the Switch that version then. Nobody needs a remaster, since the other games are just the originals as well.

27d ago
Teflon0227d ago

FF15 would probably break the switch. That games surprisingly overdemanding. Only game I have that at 1080p only holds 60 to 70fps at max settings. I'm using a GTX1080 lol. But despite what's said, console versions must be really optimized as they run amazing in comparison also, a few downgrades should probably be enough. I wouldn't try find out though. Pocket edition is kinda what I expected for a ffxv port.

CrimsonWing6928d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I'm pretty sure FF7 brought the series into mainstream.

FF6 while amazing, was still niche and didn't sell well in the States, as was the case with most Squaresoft titles. Now, in Japan that's a whole other story but FF, as a series, never really sold well outside of Japan. FF7 not only put the series into mainstream but it also sparked major interest in JRPGs in the west.

As for the ports, you're right, they're emulations of the PS1 versions not PC.

kevnb27d ago

It was sony putting 100 million into marketing that put it into the mainstream, the game being fantastic kept it there.

DEEHULK8827d ago

You should probably thank Nintendo for sticking with carts because playstation wouldn't have ever seen that game if they used Cd. That is the biggest blunder in Nintendo history because they helped Ps establish PS even more.

indysurfn27d ago

If that was true then Nintendo and Sony would not have fought over it. When PS1 was coming out this was Sony's biggest win. People LOVED FF games in the west and they sold millions.

meatnormous27d ago

I was called a nerd for playing ff2 and 3 (usa numbers). But one of my friends seen me play 7 and they watched me play it from beginning to end, then called me a nerd.

Teflon0227d ago

Thank Nintendo for double crossing playstation. They would have made an n64 game no matter what if Nintendo didn't screw Sony over, and make them be the petty X that was actually doing better than you lol. Them picking cartridges made some of the greatest games I've played in my life, so I don't thank them making a mistake. I thank them for the great products that the n64 released. Even if it was mainly Rare's games I cared about outside Mario titles lol

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kevnb27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

It was big in japan, but it was final fantasy 7 and its huge marketing budget that north americans really get into it. We should all thank sony for believing in it so much they spent 100 million dollars marketing it.

Nu27d ago

Square was working on several projects simultaneously and in the rush they forgot to back up files of FF8 and messed shit up.

FallenAngel198427d ago

@ Neo

If PS4 didn’t receive FFVIII, you shouldn’t be surprised it’s not on other consoles.

FFVII & FFIX on PS4 & PC aren’t just the original games, they’ve had added features and touched up visuals.

@ Jaguar

Keep dreaming. You’re more likely to see a FFXIII remaster on that platform.

@ Crim & Kev

I made a typo by saying isn’t. Yeah FFVII made it mainstream like I said, but it’s not like the series was unknown before hand.

In the United States, where FFVI went on sale in the last quarter of 1994, it became the year's eighth best-selling SNES game.

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Platformgamer27d ago

because it's not even on ps4, but it's a matter of time

DarkZane27d ago

First of all, it's not even on PS4 yet. Then you have to consider it's the 20th anniversary next year.

Gardenia27d ago

This article makes no sense at all

Geobros27d ago

I didnt understand the explanation of this story. Anyway, i played FF VIII 20 years before and it was epic, with sidequest, chocobo, nice battles and story. I would like to replay it tbh.